原宿 Harajuku

In love.
Some may say their outfits are mismatched, but I think its more like reaching a level of perfection. The colors and the patters of these Harajuku street walkers are put together so harmoniously; at least in my eye. I love love love color. I love to put together crazy colors and patterns and have fun putting together outfits like this...but when it comes to actually wearing what I put together out in public, I tend to take a few steps back and not put my full vision of a look out there. I just wish it looked normal to wear something like this in public and not care about what people think...

But when you live in a suburbia like I do, its rare that someone looks this awesome and when they do, people like to turn their heads, and not in a good way. Most of you probably understand what I'm saying.

I just don't like the feeling of keeping some of my outfits confined within my bedroom walls because of being too afraid of, well, being different I guess you can say. And you're probably thinking that all I need is a bit of confidence and this can all be solved. And you're probably right. Who's to say what I can and can't wear!...

If only it was that easy.


Très Très Chic

source: through the looking glass

Tania Braukämper, editor of fashionising.com.
I wonder who shes wearing? If any of you have an idea, please share.
She looks absolutely amazing!

Oh and thanks to everyone who sent good wishes my way. I'm definitley feeling better today, and ready to start a new week tomorrow! Back to school. Oh gosh.

Love to all!


Imagine all the people, living life in peace

...want, no, need round sunglasses!
I love the ones on MK. And the same looking pair (the last pair) on Lennon.
I have the desire to channel my inner John Lennon and MK.
Well have to see how that goes! : p

happy friday lovelies!!



Missoni Spring/Summer 2009
Models: Isabeli Fontana, Natasha Poly, Mat Gordon, Danny Schwarz
Photographer: Steven Meisel

I think these colors are gorgeous and the models look like porcelain dolls.

Source: fotodecadent

(shorts, Proenza Scholer for Target; leggings, Target; tee, DIY Hanes; hat, Ireland)

I kept seeing these unraveled Hanes tees from many bloggers that I loved and wanted to make one for my self! ha.

Other DIYS: I am currently recreating this Urban Outfitters Jersey necklace from an old black tee. Here's how its going...
And remember this skirt? Well I'm going to try to make a dress out of it by using the skirt as the bottom of the dress and then I have these old jeans legs left over from when I made shorts that I'm gonna make a corset out of and then attach that to a tee. It might take me a while but I'm pretty excited for it.

I also want to make a jacket similar to an Urban Outfitters Renewal jacket from my uncles Levi's brown button down plaid shirt and a red hoodie my brother let me steal from him.

I have a lot of work ahead of me!
Much love as always,
Em xx


Leatha Lust

Jaiden Rva James - Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2009 Lookbookleather leggingsJaiden Rva James - Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2009 Lookbook10 - Spring 2009 - ROSE [...] - Karmen Pedaru Jaiden Rva James - Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2009 Lookbook

source: fashionising

Seriously, seeing all this leather is making me wanna go out and spend all my savings on a black leather motorcycle jacket (with plenty of studs and zippers).

Have a great week blogosphere!

(jeans, Paris Blues; long sleeve tee, Old Navy; vest and sunglasses, T.J. Maxx;
yellow skirt, from a friend; black scarf and green scarf, Flea Market)

just having some fun ;)



Hidden under stacks of Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Gypsy Rose catalogs was this really old 70's crafts book that my mom gave me a bit ago that I had forgotten about. I was ammusd by this bead ring and decided to give it an attempt. I do have to say though its a tad big which keeps me from wearing it all the time, but overall I do like the way it came out. Although, I still think the 70's girl's is much better!

I've gotta run and help my mom make this deep dish pasta thing for Easter tomorrow. We plan on going over to my Italian grandmother's house where my extended family will be (some of which are from Brooklyn). Remind me to bring some ear muffs, it gets crazy in her little house packed with Italians that just love to talk over one another. Wish me luck!

Well I'm off, have a great weekend everyone!
p.s: my 50th post!


soaking the sun in the 70s

I wish I looked this cool at the beach! People in the 70's were so ahead of their time. No two ways about that.

By the way Easter break is great. I'm so tired though because I've been staying up so late every night...why?...well just because I can! I'll put up a new post soon of pictures of a ring I made recently and let you know what I'm up to. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still around!

Much Love.


she listens like spring and she talks like june

(dress, forever21; boots, Payless; headband, Diy; sunglasses/glasses, from mom)
*click to enlarge*

As of today I am on my spring break! Halleluia. I really dislike school...right now...haha.
I hope that you all enjoy school. It would be a lovely thing to wake up in the morning and actually be excited for school...and that is why I can't wait for art school! Cant wait...one more year :)



Gemma Booth

Beautiful pictures of cool girls by Gemma Booth.
More Here.
There is a little bit of something I love in each of these pictures. My favorite elements incorporated in these pictures are the jean studded vest and knit skirt, the rainbow overalls, leather pants and the round readers. The use of sunlight in these pictures give them such a natural fresh feel. I also really love their hair! Haha.

Which are your favorites?
Enjoy the start of a new week!...Set a goal for yourself in the beginning of the week and see if you accomplish it by Friday, I love doing that. Let me know how it goes!