Hidden under stacks of Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Gypsy Rose catalogs was this really old 70's crafts book that my mom gave me a bit ago that I had forgotten about. I was ammusd by this bead ring and decided to give it an attempt. I do have to say though its a tad big which keeps me from wearing it all the time, but overall I do like the way it came out. Although, I still think the 70's girl's is much better!

I've gotta run and help my mom make this deep dish pasta thing for Easter tomorrow. We plan on going over to my Italian grandmother's house where my extended family will be (some of which are from Brooklyn). Remind me to bring some ear muffs, it gets crazy in her little house packed with Italians that just love to talk over one another. Wish me luck!

Well I'm off, have a great weekend everyone!
p.s: my 50th post!


Matias Bouhet said...

hey! I want one of this! look amazing :)


jules said...

oh that is lovely!

Hannah said...

Good luck! I do believe we will both need it! Italians and Kentuckians sound as though their in the same ball park. Hahah

Have fun cooking with your mom! There's nothing better than doing something like that with family :)


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh yesss...nothing like family talking over each other. Thats love.
I like the ring. I hope you can make a ring like that for me someday.*hint hint* j/k...lol.
Sorry, I always have to do that. lol.
Happy 50th post.

Anonymous said...

Gah I always have this fear of getting my fingers torn off because the rings got caught in something, but now I feel like making one too! Yours looks great!

On that same note, I wonder how heavy a beaded necklace or vest would be XDD

Happy Easter!!

Joann said...

Beaded ring, nice one. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Emily said...

A 70's craft book sounds like a lot of fun. Your ring is really cute! Nicely done :)

Thank you for the super sweet comment you left me. It truly made me smile. I'm glad you liked the post. Happy Easter!

Kate said...

I see you were feeling crafty too! It's cute :D

Happy Easter to you too, dear! I hope you're having a great day :)
xo, Kate

Anonymous said...