soaking the sun in the 70s

I wish I looked this cool at the beach! People in the 70's were so ahead of their time. No two ways about that.

By the way Easter break is great. I'm so tired though because I've been staying up so late every night...why?...well just because I can! I'll put up a new post soon of pictures of a ring I made recently and let you know what I'm up to. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still around!

Much Love.


Hannah said...

Hahaha when I stay up late it's for no other reason than that I can.

It's good to hear from you :D


ellie said...

so cute..only thing they actually needed was sun screen..unfortunately. It was more like..sun tan lotion back then.

Valentine said...

great photo.. and i agree.. people from the 70's were such forward thinkers. *sigh*



Anonymous said...

Yo, for a second I really thought that was you when I first saw the pic. But thenI was like "Oh shoot, shes not blonde. lol"
I love her little outfit. The little bandana headband=♥
Staying up late!! Yes! Thats what vacation is all about!!

tis serendipity said...

Haha it certainly seems like they knew how to live life slow... ;) The feeling captured in that photo is just fab.

CAn't wait to see that ring!

Sophia said...

this photo is so light-hearted and warm. love it. who knew a handkerchief and striped shirt would look so stylish!