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 Hi! Okay, so this morning i was looking at the blog Stil in Berlin.
They posted about a Swiss woman, Nina Egli, who has both a clothing and jewelry line that she works on in New York. Both lines are FABULOUS. The pieces are amazing and I was drooling over her jewelry line Toujours Toi especially, but her clothing line Family Affairs is equally amazing.

Check. It. Out. People!
You'll fall in love.

Happy Friday!! Any big plans?


past the knee

Love love love. Just throw on some over the knee tights and you cant go wrong.
Hope you are all having a great week! I have a mandatory senior prom meeting to attend Thursday night that I would very much not like to go to, but Im off from school Friday so there's some good news!  
What about you...anything exciting happening?!


pale pinks and scents of spring

 Warm weather i can feel you coming! Now hurry up, okay!? Thanks. Love, Em.


Do You Dream In Black and White?

Ya know, just me being me.
A typical Saturday night.




Have yourself a marvelous week, loves!
I have news to tell so stay tuned.
This….is me. Surprise! Im wacky, weird, and atypical. But I think Ill let this tumbler speak for myself. Im an artist and I realized Im better at expressing what I feel, what I think, and what I want to say when I shut my mouth and let the art do the talking….