2 reasons to celebrate: my graduation and my new haircut!

--i got my hair cut!! super super short but i love it. it was such a good decision.

-- the party was actually sunday...one of the besttttt days ive had in a while. in the morning i had my graduation brunch with my family and best friend Marie ( a lot of fun) i wore an amazing dress my sister bought me, showed off my artwork, and my new hair (my family loved it!), then went home, proceeded to eat a ton of cake and my mom went out and bought even more junk food (i know, so bad) and then i bought some songs using my itunes giftcard.

-- this week has been great. my days pretty much consist of relaxing, drawing, and starting up my new art website. nothing to special, but im just glad to be done school! i cannot wait for art school. so excited.

 hows everyones week going?!


and its a typical tuesday

photos: the first is me and the rest from tumblr