Trend: Laddered stockings / Ripped tights

Laddered stockings / ripped tights trend: Street Style
Laddered stockings / ripped tights trend: Street StyleLaddered stockings / ripped tights trend: Street StyleLaddered stockings / ripped tights trend: Street StyleLaddered stockings / ripped tights trend: Street StyleLaddered stockings / ripped tights trend: Street Style

We are seeing ripped tights everywhere! I was sporting this trend when I was 10 years old and I accidentally ripped my stocking while both trying to get on the school bus and carrying my artwork and books. A rip in my tights in grade school was like the world was coming to an end. I would run to my bathroom cabinet and find clear nail polish to coat the run and stop to from tearing even more.

And now look where we are, in the year of 2009 where people drive BMW'S like they are Fords and you can access the internet and call people all on a computer or a phone that is the size of your thumb, and people are deciding to rip there tights....on purpose! I would like to ask what has the fashion world come too, but then I find myself actually becoming a fan of this trend.

To an extent...

I think that ripping your tights can either look chic or just plain ol' cheap. I think that if your are going for that grungy look, do not attack your tights. One or too thin runs all the way down the tight should do the trick. I think that multiple rips and holes and tears tend to look sloppy. And that thing where people cut holes in their tights using scissors, so that their tights end up looking like swiss cheese...now that's just stupid.

I am sorry to say that I am a hypocrite though. I have broken my own rule (well before I made up my own rule) and have worn tights that I shredded to bits to make then look like the ultimate grunge tights. Remember these baby's? Yeah, I'm totally a hypocrite. But now that I have made up this rule for myself, I will so never do that again.

As for laddered stockings, they're tres tres chic. Almost always. That's all I gotta say about that trend.

Trend #2: Laddered stockings and ripped tights
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Trend: South of the Border Summer

My sister came home from the flea market today and showed me the items that she bought. Among the leather belt, silver ring, and peace sign bracelet was a tribal-looking necklace with wooden beads and white stones. This got me thinking and I realize that now, more than ever, I am seeing tribal inspired accessories everywhere. On jewelry handbags, and even on peoples feet.

I'm not sure where this south of the border wave came from, but I'm more than willing to grab my surfboard (tribal-inspired of course) and join these designers. In my opinion, quite a few people are afraid of color, and this trend inspires people to be more daring with there accessories and broaden the hues of their wardrobes.

Take Teen Vouges recent fashion spreads for example. Almost more than three of their spreads that have been seen in Teen Vouge relating to this summer have had some kind of tribal-feel to the oufits and even the design of the spread. Here are a few pictures from one of their spreads. Notice the crazy array of colors and patterns. I dont think the fashion experts at Teen Vouge were concerned about the reality of people actually wearing these exact outfits than the point they were trying to make in these pictures. I think the message came across. Color. Get some of that color and patterns going on in your wardrobe and you cant go wrong!

Replay top, $425. Liz Claiborne New York pants, $69. LK Jewelry by Leetal Kalmanson wide Swarovski crystal bracelets, $225 each. Mercedes Salazar woven bangles, $20-$50 each. Antik Batik bag, $192. Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti sandals.

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. Kenzo flower necklace. Alyssa Norton fabric and rhinestone bangles, $115 each. Kool Konnections geometric wood bangles, $7 each. Giles & Brother by Philip Crangi yellow bracelet, $350. Longchamp bag, $398
Topshop T-shirt, $36. See by ChloƩ skirt, $265. Erickson Beamon for Anna Sui necklace. Calleen Cordero Designs belt, $199. Erickson Beamon jeweled bracelet, $393, and floral bracelet. M. Haskell wooden bangle, $20. Pono by Joan Goodman beaded bangle, $25
Karen Walker dress. Roberta Freymann necklace, $225. Anna Sui bag. Erickson Beamon ring, $180; teal and green, checkerboard, and purple bangles. R.J. Graziano wooden bangles, $35–$65 each. Sorrelli thin crystal bangles, $53–$80 each.
Apparel T-shirt, $32. Suno shorts, $255. Pepita necklace, $160. Sunshine & Shadow belts, $195 each. Juicy Couture beaded bracelets, $348 each. La Sirena doll, $23. Mercedes Salazar bracelet (on doll), $19.

I've said all I want to say about tribal-inspired items for this summer and like I said, Im all for it.

Trend: Tribal Chic Clothing
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A Free Summer

I really don't need any of this, its purely a case of want. I have a great love for Free People clothing. Free People, as probably all of you know, is owned by the same people that own Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie, but is by far my favorite out of the three.

Unfortunately, clothes like these cost and arm and a leg. But, the amount of detail in their clothing definitely justifies the price tag. I have to say in my lifetime of shopping, I have only bought a fall coat that is made by free people. And it was bought at the local T.J. Maxx. Being jobless currently, I in no way can afford these clothes and feel guilty if I ask my parents to buy something for me.

Instead of breaking the bank for these clothes, I look to Free People as inspiration for my own wardrobe. I've bleached, braided and cut old clothes apart to grasp the essence of F.P's airy and earthy vibe. I have always had a hippie-feel to my clothing. And, I think F.P. does an excellent job of substituting tye-dye and peace sign necklaces for more mature and beautiful pieces of clothing.

I really hope Free People continues creating clothing for a long time. It creates style on any girl who wears this type of clothing. Now to think of it, I wish they made a guys collection. I would definitley make my brother and guy friends wear them instead of their American Eagle tee shirts. Im not against preppy, its just not a liking of mine. But thats for another day and another post.


Forgotten Fairytales

Any of these dresses I would love to own. I think white is always a gorgeous color.

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