A Free Summer

I really don't need any of this, its purely a case of want. I have a great love for Free People clothing. Free People, as probably all of you know, is owned by the same people that own Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie, but is by far my favorite out of the three.

Unfortunately, clothes like these cost and arm and a leg. But, the amount of detail in their clothing definitely justifies the price tag. I have to say in my lifetime of shopping, I have only bought a fall coat that is made by free people. And it was bought at the local T.J. Maxx. Being jobless currently, I in no way can afford these clothes and feel guilty if I ask my parents to buy something for me.

Instead of breaking the bank for these clothes, I look to Free People as inspiration for my own wardrobe. I've bleached, braided and cut old clothes apart to grasp the essence of F.P's airy and earthy vibe. I have always had a hippie-feel to my clothing. And, I think F.P. does an excellent job of substituting tye-dye and peace sign necklaces for more mature and beautiful pieces of clothing.

I really hope Free People continues creating clothing for a long time. It creates style on any girl who wears this type of clothing. Now to think of it, I wish they made a guys collection. I would definitley make my brother and guy friends wear them instead of their American Eagle tee shirts. Im not against preppy, its just not a liking of mine. But thats for another day and another post.


Hannah said...

Oh, wow. I just checked out all of the sites and love them! I've heard of them but haven't ever looked at any of their clothing. It's quite unique :D


Matias Bouhet said...

hey Emily Anne, here I m , again ahha, you blog is amazing, some clothes look really good, see you


dapper kid said...

The colours of that first dress are so beautiful, and I love the denim shorts and those leggings :) I know what you mean, even if I can't afford a design, it doesn't stop me being inspired by it!

e.l. said...

What I like about this..I bet you could create a lot of these out of your own closet. But those leggin's slash stockens are so amazing.

Anonymous said...

I was just shopping there today. teehee... :3. I love the shoes especially!

Anonymous said...

ugh theres so much stuff i want! :(

Shin said...

I love everything from freepeople! I really like the way they put their lookbook together and their shoes are amazing! xxoxoxoxo

Valentine said...

i just love the top in the 2nd photo.. looks so comfy!! and those shorts! i know studs are so overdone.. but they're sooo nice.. love it!


Demi said...

thanks for the lovely comment you left months ago honey, I have only just got around to replying! haha.
ahh I love Free People clothing too! it is a bit expensive, the only free people thing I own is a gorgeous top that I got on sale at Urban Outfitters...I was sooo happy! haha.

...love Maegan said...

such great picks. I love the shoes in the last one.