Mia Famiglia

Some Random Family Pictures!
This is the Sicilian side of me. Hope you like!... :)
This is Lilly my great grandmother (who I named my blog after!) and my great grandpop
She was lovely. Dont know why I never showed you guys a picture of her before.

Nana, she was hot, no? haha

Mom is in the middle


Pop and his buds ( I totally die for the juke box)

Nan again. I love this picture! (Cig, pearls, compact and all. Way flapperish. And that hat is amazing)

Nan and Pop hanging out. She's so cute in this (with her cig...again).
A women after my own heart. Ha.

Hope you all enjoyed these pictures! I found them in Nan and Pop's house while making a 50th wedding anniversary slideshow for them. I really wish I was born during this time. Everyone looked so happy, like they were always having a good time everyday, wherever they went. Plus, the clothes were adorable. I would totally where my Nans hat tonight if she still had it, (and love everone staring at me in confusion).

Great idea: you guys should post old family pictures too! I would really love to see that.

Until next time...xoxo


Im Getting a Puppy!

This is Bailey! My puppy! Shes a brindle Shih Tzu and shes coming home on Halloween! Shes like about 5 weeks old. We decided to name her Bailey because shes black but has a hint of brown in her just like the Bailey's drink. Ha. Anyway shes totally to die for. I can't wait!
P.S. My favorite part of this video is when you can hear the breeder lady say "Shes the feistiest of the bunch!" A girl after my own heart.
So how have you all been. Send me a message and let me know what you've been up to!
Any of you plan your Haloween costume yet? I think I'm gonna be Rachel Zoe. (Cari, if your reading this, I just really despise polos too much to be Gilligan, my bad.)