Whats my name?

Guys I've gotten so obsessed with this song.
I love it!! Sorry about the weird crop, but you get the point hahaha. You like this song?? Its okay to disagree with me.
Peace and love xx.


sometimes ill think...

what could have happened between us if i hadn't screwed things up?
do you ever think about that? or about me? even just once?
probably not.
i can tell,
mostly because your on to someone new now.

and every now and then im left wondering.

...i hope that girl knows how lucky she is.


Drawing Using Pattern and Texture

medium: vine and compressed charcoal, india ink, pencil

Hey guys so I know I haven't been updating lately I've just been super busy with school.
As some of you might know, I am an art student which equals no life, and all art all the time! bahhhh!
But anyway Ill try to do better to update!
Heres one of my drawings. Just thought Id share with you guys!
Much Love xoxoxox


Current Style Inspiration

Tony S. from Paris
 click here for his lookbook
Okay, so i don't know how he'd feel if he heard a girl was getting style inspiration from him haha, but Im a big lover of grey hues and black in an outfit. Its cool and functional because who really gives a damn if you get crap on you in an outfit like this?
What do u think?

Cheers to a good week!


Shades of Pinks and Blues

Just got back from the shore earlier this month and these are two snaps I took on the rooftop deck just as the sun was going down. Im going to miss the relaxation of summer, but I also cannot wait for Fall! I'm one of those few people that want the weather to get cold, soon.


Faded Life

Some inspiration for your brain to feed on. Basically, Im trying to make you go out shopping and spend your money....just kidding. Im salty cause I spent $40 yesterday on 5 t-shirts from Target. Gahhhh.

Got home yesterday from the shore so a post on those pictures is next. 
Have a great Sunday/upcoming week my dears.


Song For This Week

Yes they drop the f-bomb a lot...
But they are adorable!


Lets Hang Out!

These photos are from a shoot done by one of my friends, Anneliese. Steph and I were her models. 
If you'd like to know who makes any of these clothes ask me in a comment and I'll find out for you.

I love my friends. They're ridiculous. And too cool for me.

Oh, its raining, again.


Its Written on Her Face

just a few snaps i took. no flash, just natural lighting. 
im off to go finish work on a watercolor for a family friend for her husbands birthday.
i slept for 12 hours last night.
i know you were curious in my sleeping habits, dont lie. its no good.


Night Skies

photos: tumblr, mostly from http://blackriver.tumblr.com/

Im OBSESSED with this type of photogrpahy: stary night skies, purple and blue clouds, mountains...ahhh perfect. :)
I want to live in Colorado or Alaska one day. I want to wake up and see mountains on the horizon. 

Its pouring rain right now and Im watching Good Morning America (more of a gloomy morning, than good if you ask me). 
hahah anyways hope you have a great day, loves.


I'll follow you into the dark

Tonight theres a 100% chance of rain...and a 30% chance of it actually happening!
Im currently sitting on the couch watching my family being my family: eating dinner, joking, laughing, and proving that when it comes to talking, they only have one volume level....HIGH. 

Were true italians in this household. 

But now....things are quite. Things move that fast paced in this house. Its just me and my brother now. The rest of the family is off to pick my puppy up (shown above) from the vet. She was spayed today, the poor thing. I hope shell be alright. 

And now Im alone...my brother went off somewhere into another part of the house, and Im still sitting on the couch, hearing the weather channel in the background.

I get it 100% chance of rain!
I wish I could be 100% sure of something, or anything....but thats for another time and another rant!

Im off to go listen to some really good music. 



Just having some fun with my breakfast.....what? ha.
Hope you all are having fun this tuesday! Im spending it indoors, escaping the heat! Were in a drought here on the east coast, not fun at all. Whoever invented air conditioning....you are my hero. 

 Much love bloggers....or the coolest people on earth....same thing.  
And write to me, I want to hear from you all!!! Thats an order.



Hey my peeps! Whats up?!....sorry, dork alert.

Anyway, today is the 4th of july and ill be seeing fireworks tonight!...And thats about it I think. I never seem to do anything too too exciting on this holiday but thats perfectly fine with me! 
This is what Im wearing today (minus the flowers and bag...thats for show :p )

Im about to go grab some lunch...
Have a great sunday my loves!  

shorts: proenza schouler for target, bag: tommy hilfiger, frog shirt: grandmothers basement, rings: forever21


Sunny With A Chance of Starbucks

My friends are attractive...

Romper: Passport; Slip: T.J. Maxx; Gladiators: Target; Key Ring: F21; Bag, Earrings and Sunnies: Vintage