Ode to Zoe

I want this!
So far loving this season of the Rachel Zoe Project...kinda wanna be her (except a bit healthier)


Black Skye Pump

A dramatic counterpoint to the classic black pump.
Can be found at: chickdowntown.com


Kate In Topshop Fall '09

crazy excited!
source: tfs


vintage and modern pieces from duo

duo is an east village boutique in New York that houses clothes by young talented designers.
Being a thrift store buff, I couldn't help but find out more after reading about it in my September issue of nylon.

you can check out more here!


Dont Touch My Denim Jacket

source: cobrasnake



I totally wanted to use pyramid studs but I think they came out good. I bought this western inspired denim blouse from a thrift store nearby that had these studs on it in a crazy cowboy embellishment manner. So I took them off and decided to use them on my converse. Ill probably bleach the denim blouse later this week.

Much Love <3
p.s: im back, officially, i missed this blog way too damn much.


The Need to Be Inspired

As you all know, blogging is fun, but sometimes can be work because you have to keep up with it so much. Lately I haven't had the drive to keep posting, which is so sad! I love blogging but I think what I really need is some inspiration. I miss you all and I am slowly but surely getting back into the blogosphere!

I really miss reading all your posts and the feeling of being a part of your lives you share on your blogs. You guys have become like friends away from home for me! I love you guys.

So I will be back, I promise :)

As for now, I love this months Teen Vogue featuring Taylor Momsen on the cover, shes so great! I can say I'm pretty inspired by her style. Except the rosary around the neck (first pic)...that's kinda like a no no (its a bit sac religious) and shes a catholic too i think. Ehh, its all up for interpretation i guess.

Hope you enjoy!
P.S: If any of you know where I can get a great faux leather jacket (one that doesn't look to shiny) thats not too expensive, lemme know!

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!