I totally wanted to use pyramid studs but I think they came out good. I bought this western inspired denim blouse from a thrift store nearby that had these studs on it in a crazy cowboy embellishment manner. So I took them off and decided to use them on my converse. Ill probably bleach the denim blouse later this week.

Much Love <3
p.s: im back, officially, i missed this blog way too damn much.


Anonymous said...

STUDS + CONVERSE=AN EXCELLENT COMBO. Thats like high up there in my book. lol.
They look good.

Shin said...

Hey Emily!! So glad to see your new post and I hope you'll post more!! I think studs look good on everything and you did a great job on your converse! The star studs look pretty cool! xxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You did an AMAZING job on your shoes, I love that the studs are so unique!

Valentine said...

love it! i actually like the fact that you did not use pyramid studs because.. every other sneaker already has that.. yours are different.. me likey. :-)


emily :) said...

Wow these are really amazing!!

And thanks for adding me to your blog roll, you're on mine now too :)


Natalie said...

Yay welcome back lovely :)

Great job on the studding! Those converse look so awesome now :) I really want to stud my converses too but I can't find the studs I want.

Anyways welcome back again :D

x Natalie

Emily said...

I like how these turned out. In high school I used to sew little beads onto the laces of my converse.

Nice to see your updates again :)