Shades of Pinks and Blues

Just got back from the shore earlier this month and these are two snaps I took on the rooftop deck just as the sun was going down. Im going to miss the relaxation of summer, but I also cannot wait for Fall! I'm one of those few people that want the weather to get cold, soon.


Faded Life

Some inspiration for your brain to feed on. Basically, Im trying to make you go out shopping and spend your money....just kidding. Im salty cause I spent $40 yesterday on 5 t-shirts from Target. Gahhhh.

Got home yesterday from the shore so a post on those pictures is next. 
Have a great Sunday/upcoming week my dears.


Song For This Week

Yes they drop the f-bomb a lot...
But they are adorable!


Lets Hang Out!

These photos are from a shoot done by one of my friends, Anneliese. Steph and I were her models. 
If you'd like to know who makes any of these clothes ask me in a comment and I'll find out for you.

I love my friends. They're ridiculous. And too cool for me.

Oh, its raining, again.