The Need to Be Inspired

As you all know, blogging is fun, but sometimes can be work because you have to keep up with it so much. Lately I haven't had the drive to keep posting, which is so sad! I love blogging but I think what I really need is some inspiration. I miss you all and I am slowly but surely getting back into the blogosphere!

I really miss reading all your posts and the feeling of being a part of your lives you share on your blogs. You guys have become like friends away from home for me! I love you guys.

So I will be back, I promise :)

As for now, I love this months Teen Vogue featuring Taylor Momsen on the cover, shes so great! I can say I'm pretty inspired by her style. Except the rosary around the neck (first pic)...that's kinda like a no no (its a bit sac religious) and shes a catholic too i think. Ehh, its all up for interpretation i guess.

Hope you enjoy!
P.S: If any of you know where I can get a great faux leather jacket (one that doesn't look to shiny) thats not too expensive, lemme know!

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!





e.l. said...

She definitely has that rocker look..yet still a sweet style too.

Hannah said...

It's great to see you back, dear!

I'm loving that jacket!


Shin said...

Hey! I hope you will keep posting! I know exactly how you feel but it's so great to have a blog! I mean you have something on the internet that's your very own!

I love Teen Vogue but I think I love Emma Watson better than Taylor though. I'm also looking for the perfect leather jacket but so far what I find is out of my budget! I'll let you know when I find some! xxoxoox

Anonymous said...

shes so punk rock sexy. love her. and you too!! missed you much!!

Valentine said...

I know exactly what you mean.. but you should never feel required to write on your blog. That would totally take out the fun in doing it. :-)


Saw a great faux leather moto jacket on ebay.. however, i lost the link. if i find it, ill post it right away. :-)


emily :) said...

I love her style....its amazing!!!
The last pic is especially good!!

Check out my blog please :)


Anonymous said...

Taylor Momsen enchants me. In gossip girl, I love her character, with the whole bad girl/fashion designer thing. But I love her real life even more, 16 out of school with the most amazing voice and wardrobe.Can I be be her?Also come back soon, we miss you!

iheartvintagex said...

I too love taylor momsen however sometimes she can look a tad trashy. I guess i'm just upset cause shes 16 and always looks UH-MAZING!