I'll follow you into the dark

Tonight theres a 100% chance of rain...and a 30% chance of it actually happening!
Im currently sitting on the couch watching my family being my family: eating dinner, joking, laughing, and proving that when it comes to talking, they only have one volume level....HIGH. 

Were true italians in this household. 

But now....things are quite. Things move that fast paced in this house. Its just me and my brother now. The rest of the family is off to pick my puppy up (shown above) from the vet. She was spayed today, the poor thing. I hope shell be alright. 

And now Im alone...my brother went off somewhere into another part of the house, and Im still sitting on the couch, hearing the weather channel in the background.

I get it 100% chance of rain!
I wish I could be 100% sure of something, or anything....but thats for another time and another rant!

Im off to go listen to some really good music. 


Anonymous said...

I love your rings and I love your puppy! Too cute. Much love. Catch you later!

Heather said...

amaaaaazing rings!! really cute pics :)