Current Style Inspiration

Tony S. from Paris
 click here for his lookbook
Okay, so i don't know how he'd feel if he heard a girl was getting style inspiration from him haha, but Im a big lover of grey hues and black in an outfit. Its cool and functional because who really gives a damn if you get crap on you in an outfit like this?
What do u think?

Cheers to a good week!


The Freshman said...

I'm not feeling the first hoodie, but the second outfit is great! Definitely my style.

By the way, care to trade links or check out my blog? I'm new to the blogging world..
-The Freshman

Kara McKenzie said...

Crap on an outfit like this just gives you cred! Really, anything involving neutrals, big scarves, and military inspired buttons gets a big "Yes, please!" from me. Now to start working on my beard...

Great blog! I've been coveting that sequin top in your header since I found it.

Carnivorous Deer Vintage Style

Among the Willows said...

Great post!!!

come follow... http://aamongthewillows.blogspot.com/

meg <3