Mia Famiglia

Some Random Family Pictures!
This is the Sicilian side of me. Hope you like!... :)
This is Lilly my great grandmother (who I named my blog after!) and my great grandpop
She was lovely. Dont know why I never showed you guys a picture of her before.

Nana, she was hot, no? haha

Mom is in the middle


Pop and his buds ( I totally die for the juke box)

Nan again. I love this picture! (Cig, pearls, compact and all. Way flapperish. And that hat is amazing)

Nan and Pop hanging out. She's so cute in this (with her cig...again).
A women after my own heart. Ha.

Hope you all enjoyed these pictures! I found them in Nan and Pop's house while making a 50th wedding anniversary slideshow for them. I really wish I was born during this time. Everyone looked so happy, like they were always having a good time everyday, wherever they went. Plus, the clothes were adorable. I would totally where my Nans hat tonight if she still had it, (and love everone staring at me in confusion).

Great idea: you guys should post old family pictures too! I would really love to see that.

Until next time...xoxo


Dustjacket Attic said...

She looks the absolute best, love love these shots. Living life and enjoying it!

Natalie said...

I should broaden my vocabulary but I can't but say AW! Haha, I love these pictures -- I love the old days and oldie music and everything from past decades! Your grandmother is so chic and her hat -- I would mostly definitely wear it also! That jukebox would be amazing to have! Gah, so cool. I should post pictures, they are mostly from the 70s but I'm considering of doing it now!! Haha

Sorry haven't been commenting often, school pwns me!
x Natalie

Valentine said...

I just love vintage photos.. and your nan has great style~ definitely lovin her pearls and cig. :-)


Matias Bouhet said...

amazing photos!!!! do you remember me? haha im here again, i have a long trip, but here again! your blog still great as always!

Anonymous said...

There are such lovely pictures, and your nan looks so classy!

Dana said...

Wow, those pics are awesome!! Please post some more!!

Rianna Bethany said...

Wow! great images, they look gorgeous, isn't it great seeing where your family came from and seeing their personalities through the picture. I'm a massive compact collecter so the picture of her holding one was the winner for me!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

selena st.john said...

I love old black and white pictures. theres just something about them that is soo comforting. at times i just sit and go through my mom's old pictures.

Your blog is so pretty! and i'm in love with the header.

stephanie renee said...

I love looking at old photos, these are lovely!

(Encyclo)lydia said...

Aw I wish I had great old family photos like this! I absolutely adore your nana.

the guilty hyena said...

Beautiful family photos so full of love and life

The Guilty Hyena †

Anonymous said...

I love the family photos! (: I found some old family photos at my grandmother's attic in a large chest. It's so much fun discovering things like that.

Chymecindy Blog said...

You have a nice blog, so I follow!
I hope you check mine too.


Kb said...

Such cute photos, I agree that the clothes are adorable. I need to search for more of mine...