Im Getting a Puppy!

This is Bailey! My puppy! Shes a brindle Shih Tzu and shes coming home on Halloween! Shes like about 5 weeks old. We decided to name her Bailey because shes black but has a hint of brown in her just like the Bailey's drink. Ha. Anyway shes totally to die for. I can't wait!
P.S. My favorite part of this video is when you can hear the breeder lady say "Shes the feistiest of the bunch!" A girl after my own heart.
So how have you all been. Send me a message and let me know what you've been up to!
Any of you plan your Haloween costume yet? I think I'm gonna be Rachel Zoe. (Cari, if your reading this, I just really despise polos too much to be Gilligan, my bad.)


Hannah said...


Girl, I've missed you! The puppy is adorable :D:D I've always wanted a small little pupperdog like that :)
They seem so sweet and stuff!

Yeah, I've been busy with school and stuff, too. It gets pretty insane at times :/
I hardly ever post any more and it feels sooo weird hahah. I miss you all so much, though :(!

Since everything happened a lot has been going on surprisingly. I've gotten so much closer to so many people, some of which I'd never met but were close friends with Chase. It's strange how that kind of thing happens.
I hope everything is going great for you, too, love! You totally deserve it :)


Poppy said...

Oh how exciting!

e.l. said...

Soooooo sweet!

Anonymous said...

Where have you been & how are you?! Glad to hear you're back & I hope it stays that way `;D hahah.

Bailey is such a wonderful name for your puppy. She's sooo tiny! Omg, I want one! >__<;

- Jei

Maverick Malone said...

omggg, so exciting!!

I love puppies :) I got one a couple years ago and I still love him!

Natalie said...

Aw I'm super jealous! I've always wanted a puppy. Bailey is adorable and also a great name :)

I hope you're doing well also lovely! I'm gonna be a flapper girl for Halloween :)Make sure to take a picture of you being Rachel Zoe, I'm curious! I actually love her tv show. Haha