Forgotten Fairytales

Any of these dresses I would love to own. I think white is always a gorgeous color.

I have no life this week! I have to prepare for the ACT on Saturday. Which means no blogging for a whole week :(
At least hannah shares my pain! hahaha xD

see ya loves!


Hannah said...

Oooh loooove them!!! :D!
Beyond stunning.

Yes. As long as I don't freak out (which I just may do), I will be fine.
I hope this Home Hospital thing hasn't turned my brain into complete oobleck, since all it basically consists of is busy work :/

I just know you'll do fabulously! Study, study, study is all this week will consist of!!


Annie said...

Gorgeous dresses.

& I love the header/banner thing at the top. Just thought I'd point that out.


ZombieLace said...

These would make gorgeous wedding dresses for a simple outdoorsy summer wedding! Gorgeous pictures.

Dana said...

Have a great weekend dear!!!

Lovely dresses :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so tickled that 3 of the photos are from Jingna(zemotion)! She has the most gorgeous photoshoots I've ever seen, and her fashion photography has a style of her own <3

Anonymous said...

OMG! These photos are stunning! I had to save the second one, especially.

Good luck on your ACT's, loveee <3. Study hard & think positive. I know you kin'do it! :D.

xoxoxxx, Jei

Joann said...

Lovely white dresses. I see zemotion's works! Her stuffs are beautifulllllllll.

camille said...

these pictures are so whimsical. agreed, white is a gorgeous colour- understated for subtle persuasion.