Anonymous said...

I ♥ that dress. It is sooo cute. And with the blazer its AMAZING.
Happy Easter.

ellie said...

such cool pants..and a great dress too..but if I wore it..they'd say I was frumpy..so it would have to be shorter.

Emily Anne said...

ursula- thanks girl ;)
ellie- if you like how it looks then strut your stuff! dont be bothered with what other people think (i know, easier said then done!)

Joann said...

Those pants!

Miss Mae said...

i really like the navy pants, gotta get some now.


Hannah said...

I want that dress. End of story :)
Oh, and the bag...and the jacket...and the shades!


DejaBlonde Vintage said...

That green bag is gorgeous! You have a great sense of fashion :)

Anonymous said...

i love the slouchyness of the top picture

Emily Anne said...

joann- i know their amazing
mis mae- same ha.
hannah- me too!
dejablonde vintage- thank you! :)
emma - thats what i liked about it the best!