Très Très Chic

source: through the looking glass

Tania Braukämper, editor of fashionising.com.
I wonder who shes wearing? If any of you have an idea, please share.
She looks absolutely amazing!

Oh and thanks to everyone who sent good wishes my way. I'm definitley feeling better today, and ready to start a new week tomorrow! Back to school. Oh gosh.

Love to all!


dapper kid said...

Oh my, that tops is SO fabulous!! I go totally gaga over anything sparkly though lol. Oh and I love the new header dear :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, sequins get me every time. Stunning!

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

I just found your blog today and have to say i like it a lot!:)

And quite a funny coincidence with this posting! I have a sequin shirt very much like that (of course it's not in that good condition once it's thrifted) in my posting today:). I do like her look, it is very chic!:D

Emily said...

I love the top, there's just something I love about pairing a shimmery sequin-y top with jeans or something casual. Great outfit, I wish I knew what she was wearing also!

BTW, my middle name is Anne too, and it's even spelled the same! =)

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh God I love it! I actually have a smilar top (less sequins though), think I'm gonna wear it soon :)

Silvie said...

Whoa i loveee the shirt!! i'm a huge fan for sparkles and glitter :)

Hannah said...

I TOTALLY want that shirt!! :D
It's so amazing!!

I'm SO glad to hear you're feeling better! Headaches aren't fun at all.


In-tree-gue said...

I love the sequins!

Anonymous said...

gaaaaa i need that shirt

love and youth said...

she looks fierce! x