(shorts, Proenza Scholer for Target; leggings, Target; tee, DIY Hanes; hat, Ireland)

I kept seeing these unraveled Hanes tees from many bloggers that I loved and wanted to make one for my self! ha.

Other DIYS: I am currently recreating this Urban Outfitters Jersey necklace from an old black tee. Here's how its going...
And remember this skirt? Well I'm going to try to make a dress out of it by using the skirt as the bottom of the dress and then I have these old jeans legs left over from when I made shorts that I'm gonna make a corset out of and then attach that to a tee. It might take me a while but I'm pretty excited for it.

I also want to make a jacket similar to an Urban Outfitters Renewal jacket from my uncles Levi's brown button down plaid shirt and a red hoodie my brother let me steal from him.

I have a lot of work ahead of me!
Much love as always,
Em xx


Matias Bouhet said...

hey! nice outfit, I like the red and white!


Matias Bouhet said...

ahhaha, is true!! but well,you know the changes , I need time. hahaha and those pics look horrible in colours, haha ... thanks for all your nice comments :)

Hannah said...

I looove how you make your own clothes, Emily! It's so neat :D
I dig the unraveled t-shirt, it's so neat :D


Shin said...

Your DIY sounds pretty amazing! I can't wait to see it! xxoxoxoxo

Joann said...

So many diys. Sounds exciting!

Anonymous said...

o_O how did you make that tee?

I think your necklace is going great! Love that you have so many interesting diy projects!

Emily Anne said...

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments!
The tutorial for the unraveled tee can be found in this link. I learned this technique from the blog Childhood Flames. This link is the page its on. Thanks again, loves!


Chip said...

the shirt looks great! hard work I assume

thanks for all the nice comments on my blog :D