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Today was a really long day. In the morning I had to take the ACT which took four hours. Kill me. Mom gave me the bracelet in this last picture and said its my "lucky bracelet." That was cute of her. While I was taking the test I would look down at it and it would give me a bit of confidence and make me smile. I'm going to wear it all the time now. After the ACT I came home and spray painted our outdoor furniture with my mom and gossiped about our crazy neighbors. Then she, my sister, and I took a walk around the neighborhood. It was absolutely gorgeous today! Everyone, I mean literally everyone, in every neighborhood was out. Tons of guys were out playing a game of basketball (yum), little kids were having fin running around in the playground and open fields, and old couples were playing tennis. I came home and watched Step Up 2 (better, in my opinion, then Step Up 1). And then fixed my sewing machine. I need to figure out what I'm going to sew as my first official big item of clothing, I have all these old clothes I can use the fabric for, so I'll probably think of something...(?) I'll let you know ( ;

I have this two-sided-pattern gold fabric (above) that I don't know what to do with but to use it as a skirt. And then I found an xxl red polo in my basement (above) from like the 80's and don't know what to do with that either. If you have any ideas I would love for you to share! I brought the leather bag (above as well) to my test taking place today. I like it a lot and I'm glad I found it. It was from when I was in about 5th grade I think. The huge black stone ring is from Forever21 if any of you were curious. And the pin on the leather bag is Andy Warhol. My hero of course.

I hope you all are having a great weekend. I'm pretty ecstatic because I'm off Monday! No reason, just a teacher in service or something. Oh and by the way I'm going to try to publish new posts every 2 days or so. Exciting, right! I really enjoy blogging and I think I get bored of my own blog when I haven't posted anything new for a while.

So stay tuned! ; p
All my love, as always,


Lori said...

I love your rings!

Hannah said...

Ah! I love the yellow skirt in the first picture :D And he sunglasses! I want a pair like that so baaaad.


Valentine said...

We share the same dilemma.. Ive finished my first sewing project which is a simple shirt-- and Ive been wanting to create more but inspiration is nowhere to be found.

oh wells..


Im totally in love with the chunky ring.. its soo pretty!!



In-tree-gue said...

what a lovely skirt.

Lissa said...

Gorgeous rings, dear. I'm jealous :]

modern antoinette said...

I love your skirt and the ring. Gorgeous. Great blog.


Jocelyn said...

I love that yellow skirt! That's so cute of your mom to give you that lucky bracelet. The ACT kicked my butt! I am so bad at test taking. And It was so long that definitely didn't help the situation! I'm sure you did great, the awful part is waiting for the test scores they take like literally 7 months to get back. No joke!

Charlotte said...

Your skirt is the most lovely thing ever! I adore the colour!

style munch said...

i love your ring xx

Anonymous said...

Love love the backpack & the Andy Warhol pin!

I forgot what ACT tests are. Mind if you refresh my memory? I'm dumb :P. But I think it's cute how your mama gave you that bracelet for good luck.

With the gold fabric, why not make it into a dress, skirt, scarf, or maybe... display it as your bed header or on the couch? I usually do that with old fabric :).

xoxo, jei

Lori said...

sure i'll exchange links with you ;)

you are added on my blog now

ellie said...

thanks so much for the sweet note. sounds like such a great day with your mom & sis..well, maybe not the ACT test part..but at least that's out of the way.

Thats cool with the gold fabric. When you get tired of a skirt maybe you can put elastic and the top and at the top of your waist line and make a top out of it. sort of a babydoll like top or mini.

I have ideas to make this stuff, but I never get around to it. I found this chica craft book with some cool tops from shirts at the lib. CRAFTY CHICA'S GUIDE TO ARTFUL SEWING by Kathy Cano-Murillo. It has everything from scarves, bags & skirts.

Lilo said...

oooh perfect bag ,sunnies and rings!!!
and what a great outfit!

Emily said...

I think the gold fabric looks great as a skirt! Just think of all the ways you could wear it :)
That's so sweet of your mom to give you a lucky bracelet for your ACT test :)

Kate said...

Oh I love the top photo!
The skirt is beautiful :D I would totally wear it. And that's sweet your mom gave you a bracelet :)

ZombieLace said...

I really like the gold fabric as a skirt the way you're already wearing it, so cute. And the polo could be rocked with black legging-tights and some clashing heels and a bag. Try belting it, too!