M.I.A is fabulous!
I recently saw her video for "Paper Planes" and I instantly fell in love with her style.
How crazy is the dress in the seventh picture!

YouTube - M.I.A. - Paper Planes


dapper kid said...

She is totally fabulous and colourful!! Oh and all the posts with dates as the title are photographs I've taken myself :)

Hannah said...

M.I.A. is totally amazing. Her style is so colorful and unique...I envy her! hahaha


Anonymous said...

Her music is awesome. All you want to do is danceee! =D I heard she was preggers & just recently had the baby? Idk..

xoxo, Jei

style munch said...

m.i.a is awesomeeeee - she would be the coolest mom on the planet! anhyhoo thanks for your comments on my blog they're sweet, and i hope you're feeling the warmth of spring where you live!xx

Lilo said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy i love M.I.A
and i'd love to exchange links ;)
i'll add you to my links list :p
great blog!!!

Misha said...

I've never heard of her, but she screams creatvity in her attitude as she's presented in these photos.

What I really wanted to say though is that your prodile description is the best, ever.

Anonymous said...

she's great, isn't she?? Have a great day, darling!

Matias Bouhet said...

I love her style! see you

ZombieLace said...

MIA is a total bad ass for sure. I love her crazy spazy seizure-inducing style too. Did you hear she can't come back to the States? At least not for a while, last I heard, visa issues or something.

Matias Bouhet said...

of course! I wanto to exchange links!

see you, mb*