Gemma Booth

Beautiful pictures of cool girls by Gemma Booth.
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There is a little bit of something I love in each of these pictures. My favorite elements incorporated in these pictures are the jean studded vest and knit skirt, the rainbow overalls, leather pants and the round readers. The use of sunlight in these pictures give them such a natural fresh feel. I also really love their hair! Haha.

Which are your favorites?
Enjoy the start of a new week!...Set a goal for yourself in the beginning of the week and see if you accomplish it by Friday, I love doing that. Let me know how it goes!


jules said...

oh gosh these are so lovely! I love everything about these. I love your blog!

Joann said...

Love the images. With the use of sunlight, it makes it all the more beautiful. My favorite's the one with the indian crown alike thing!

Hannah said...

Amazing pictures!
I especially love the last one. I want her glasses!!

Hmm..my goal is to FINALLY finish the outline I've started! I started it about two weeks ago, and I haven't been working on it every day like I should be. I'll let you know how it goes :)


Kate said...

I love the first few. The sunlight makes it look so dreamy. :)

I can't think of any goals for this week.. I just want to make it through! Haha
xo, Kate

ellie said...

so much light and freedom in them..and warmth. Its a cold one here..so nice to see such pics.

Louisee x said...

I love these photos! I really like the last one with the glasses, and the one where the girl is spinning and the sun is shining through her hair. It makes me feel all summery :).



Anonymous said...

i love the one with the feather headpiece

clairegrenade said...

so many beautiful colors and textures and lights ahh!! i'm inspired

wonderful post,dear