Its All In the Details

When looking at the Zac Posen spring collection I couldn't help but be more amused by the accessories than the clothes themselves. And maybe that's what Mr. Posen wants us to do his collectioin, however, I felt that in some looks he may have over accessorized. The chunky coin earrings in this collection no doubt would be a conversation starter, but I know few women who would actually wear these through an entire work day or a night out without having their ears weighing them down.

Also, the bangles I would love to see separate. When you stack four or five cunky bangles at once sometimes I think you can loose the beauty in the bangles individually and instead are looking at the massive stack on the models tiny wrist.

But I will say is that I love the details and colors used in the dresses,
the white snakeskin and the freshness of the bags, and the colors and shapes of the shoes.

I guess I'm a person who looks at the functionality a little bit more than the design. I have always loved Zac Posen and his eye for fashion, but I think its important to have an opinion about what designers put on the runway because it allows for a different perspective rather than loving everything the designer does just because it has their name on it. I am no person to have such a high opinion on such talented and excelled designers, but these are just my thoughts on looking at the details of this collection. After all, its all in the details.

P.S. I apologize for the slow posting. But thankfully, I have spring break approaching and I'm prepared to do some massive DIYing and have a couple posting ideas lined up. Also, sorry for the poor quality of some of my outfit pictures, I need to upgrade to a new camera, but for right now I'm fine. I should be grateful to have the things that I do and sometimes I take them for granted I think.


Matias Bouhet said...

really good post, and yeees, the details compose all.

Joann said...

I beg to differ. I like stacking accessories, but maybe not to that extend. Each to their own! A pretty good argument you have there though.

tis serendipity said...

Haha I quite like it when accessories are stacked up or combined but only when they're done tastefully. Otherwise it could end up looking really messy and like you said, end up distracting us from the beauty of individual pieces. I think it takes real skill to put together accessories for an outfit (which I totally can't do haha hopefully one day!)

Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll! =) Of course I'm doing the same for you. Totally LOVE your new header. It's really fantastic. I love how creative and artsy it looks.

(p.s. it's great that you're taking a step back to be grateful for the stuff you already have. i find that blogging and being exposed to all sorts of blogs tends to make one somewhat greedy and always in need of...something. whatever the next fab blogger has. you're absolutely right in pointing out that sometimes we just need to appreciate what we have. great reminder for myself too. thanks!)

dapper kid said...

Yum, yum, yum the jewelry in that first detail shot is sooo gorgeous. And I really like the chunky bangles, although yeah I think just having the one would make the sufficient impact :)

Hannah said...

Love the jewelry, but I'm with you with the functionality of a piece. I would be taking the earrings off within the first five minutes, and the bangles stacked upon each other would definitely be driving me crazy haha.
But, I'm also with you on the dresses. They're gorgeous! I totally love the first white one :D


Anonymous said...

I do like those bangles...but I'd have to agree, it's all a bit over the top--maybe with simpler clothes it could really shine!

Chrissy said...

sometimes I think stacking accessories is fun and the way to go, while othertimes, i think simplicity is better. It depends on my mood.

The jewelry they are wearing is fantastic and would probably work best without stacking it.

Also, I think the purple lipstick works on the first model, but not the second one. Doesn't look right on her or with those accessories.

Twobreadsplease said...

I want those big massive chunky bangles. One would do, five at once would be good too. x

tailorstitch said...

i love the first bag

Mel said...

The dress fourth from the bottom looks pretty!