Under the Blacklight

Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis

Rilo Kiley is a Los Angeles based indie rock band. They are incredible. They have this way of making you completely mellow but also wanting to forget the world and just dance in your underwear. If you've never heard of them, or just never listened to their music, PLEASE, click on this post's title, Under the Blacklight (their album name), and listen to my favorite song of theirs "Silver Lining" and a few others. You'll be hooked!

The band members are Jenny Lewis - vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass;
Blake Sennett
(3rd) - guitar, vocals;
Pierre de Reeder (far left) - bass, guitar, keyboard, vocals; and
Jason Boesel
(far right) - drums, percussion.

Isn't Jenny Lewis fabulous?
Emily Anne


Hannah said...

She's gorgeous :D
I love the fourth picture from the top, and the sixth picture from the bottom!

I'll have to check them out :D

dapper kid said...

Awesome photos, she is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I know this band and I had no idea Jenny was that beautiful. Great style!

ellie said...

thanks so much for the note.

Oh, love these pics of Jenny. She's got this amazing voice and I like the fact that she'd helped other indie bands as well.

great post!

Molly said...

give me shiny hair and round sunglasses and i'm sold!
i'll youtube her band right now :)

awh thankyou for linking me, i've linked you too!

Molly said...

oh and i love your blog. i've probably told you this before, but hey, its nice to know :)

ZombieLace said...

I love the new layout! And I know it's way late, but I just wanted you to know that I finally was able to load and publish my gray-brown outfits, so check them out: http://zombielace.blogspot.com/2009/01/gray-brown-challenge.html

dearilou said...

I was going to post a blog full of pictures of Jenny Lewis and you totally beat me to it! She is lovely, isn't she? I am seeing her in concert on Thursday! Now to find the perfect dress to wear...

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the link, ZombieLace did an amazing job.

dearilou said...

I'm seeing Jenny Lewis as her solo self, not Rilo Kiley, though they did come up here last year and I saw them then.
I have been obsessed with her Rabbit Fur Coat album lately and am so psyched that she is coming to my college's campus!

Emily said...

Great post. I love Jenny Lewis and have admired her for quite a few years! Her voice is remarkable; I never tire of listening to it. Rilo Kiley has definitely made my life a little sweeter :)

Anonymous said...

ive always liked their music and her voice, and i knew lewis is a really pretty girl. wouldnt have the idea to look more into it, though. thanks for making me aware! shes still one to watch!

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

thank you for the comment you left me! i would love to exchange links with you. and i've heard of this band but i've never listened to them. i should probably check them out. that girl is so pretty!