A Day of Contemplation and Reflection

Today I found myself in need of a good walk and took my sister and mom with me. We decided to go to a nature center, one of my favorite places to go to find peace. I took some pictures along the way, it was more of a run then a walk really. I would stop every 10 minutes or so and take a few pictures, and then, realizing my mom and sister were way ahead, had to sprint to catch up. It was very reassuring knowing that they were nice enough to wait for me! Anyway, it was all good and fun, my camera was acting strangely nice today, and not to mention, it was very, very cold!!

My sister and mom are the two figures at the bottom right in the
picture below...see, I told you i was way behind them!

After I got home I thought I was oh so cool and took a reflection of myself in my bedroom mirror. My favorite part of this picture is my indie bag I got from a flea market for $10 (very bottom, right corner). I also got these red knock off ray ban's there too for $5.

Have a nice, relaxing Friday, and an awesome weekend everyone!
Mwah. xx


Hannah said...

I love the pictures! Walks can be very relaxing, and I love taking them from time to time!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. There's just something about the winter light... Everything is almost pastel and you can feel that it's cold even though it's sunny.

I'll think about the contest...
Have a nice w/e :)

ellie said...

My fav. is the one with the sun peaking in..beautiful day. Truly. I'd like to see more of your bag as well..very cool pic you took of yourself.