ModCloth Picks

I LOVE ModCloth! My best friend introduced me to this clothing cite, and I have to say it's pretty wonderful. ModCloth consists of Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothing. It's not as big and popular as Etsy, but its quaint and cute. I couldn't say it any better, so the people of ModCloth.com describe their website:

"We carry not just one-of-a-kind vintage clothes, but also vintage inspired creations from up and coming designers like BB Dakota, Tulle Clothing, EC Star, Stop Staring, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes & more."

"Mod clothes abound, don't pin us down. We have indie & retro, cute & emo; pretty dresses, tops, and unique jewelry and purses. Whatever your style, we have vintage & indie clothes that will work for you! New items are added all the time."

If you have time to visit the cite, check it out! These are my top 10 picks, enjoy:

Pretty In Paisley Dress
Good As Gold Sunglasses

Midwinter Night's Dream Coat

Vintage Blue Dorothy Shoes

Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior

Plaid Poise Dress

Wild and Lovely Leather Purse

Parisian Trench

Sweet Pea Earrings

Boca Ration Tunic

I hope you like them and maybe persuaded you to check out the cite.
Please comment, I would love to hear from you!
You all are fantastic, xoxo Emily Anne


In-tree-gue said...

I love the trench coat!

Emily said...

I really like the plaid poise dress. I'll definitely check them out.

Thank you for the super sweet comment! :)
I've linked you back!

In-tree-gue said...

A link exchange would be lovely

N said...

Hey, I'd loved to exchange links with you! I'll add you right now! :)

I love the "Wild and Lovely Leather Purse". I saw something so similar at a local mall. I was tempted to get it haha.

ellie said...

Great post. I will so have to check it out. Love that paris trench coat. Lots of cool stuff. The pink paisley was adorable too. Something so Molly Ringwald about it..like it should have been the dress she wore to prom in Pretty in Pink.

Thanks so much for the comment.

Emily Anne said...

Ellie - I could totally see Molly Ringwald in that!

Cory K said...

These pieces of clothing are beautiful.
Thank you for sharing, and I adore your blog!

Eleanor said...

Hey, thanks for introducing me to this site, I really like the tunic dress and sunnies.

Anonymous said...

Ooo those are fantastic finds. My favorites are the pretty in paisley dress, the fringe leather bag and the little dictionary of fashion! Such a quaint gift for anyone interested in fashion =)

Carlita said...

Thank you for your very sweet comment!! And I would totally LOVE to exchange links :D, I'll add you right now.

I am so happy you posted about ModCloth!!! I am in love with that store. In fact, the dress I am wearing in my most recent blog post was from ModCloth. The pink dress is adorable, I could wear it every day, lol :P.

Have a fabulous week.
Much Love,

Ambroisine said...

Sweet pieces, I love the plaid dress and the black coat..


mmm i have a weakness for modcloth.. good picks

donna said...

Thanks for the link. And your blog, me likey! I'm linking you to mine. ^_^

adele said...

i've seen modcloth around a lot, i never got around to looking at it though. the stuff you have picked here is cute and i like the blue coat and shoes especially.

Hannah said...

I LOVE the plaid poise dress!!! It's so cute :D