Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hey Guys! Happy New Year! Im so excited to start blogging and also sharing and learning new styles from the most independent, fabulous and stylish girls (and guys) out there!

Well, for starters I want to tell you all why I chose "Like Lilly Vintage" as the title for my blog. My great grandmother's name was Lilly and she was a very lovely and stylish women of her time. I want to dedicate this website to her and also my grandmother and all the vintage clothing, hats and jewelry they have passed down to me to wear and how their styles inspires me! Although I never met Lilly, the stories my grandmother tells me, and her and Lilly's possessions I keep with care, make me believe that we would have been great friends. My mom tells me that Lilly always wanted to teach someone knitting and sewing...I would have signed up in a heartbeat!

So, I ask you to please leave me a comment about your style and inspirations because I love getting new ideas and I want to hear from you all and see what your blogging about! Ill say it now that I'm going to try as hard as I can to blog often and especially on holidays!
Thanks guys and much love.

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes with your new blog!
I've just started one as well...
I'll keep checking your new posts.