The Dead of Winter, And I'm Loving It

Those of you that have read some of my older posts know how much I love winter. I wont rant about it like I did in my winter coats post, but I just wanted you to know that its love : )

I love (using the word love just one more time) using this messenger bag in the winter because of the knit material. It just makes me want to make a sweater out of it or something. Some of you asked to see this bag when I talked about it in one of my posts. I bought it hand made by Mexicans at a flea market for $10 last summer before I went to school and its holding up very well! I thought the ribbon strap would have snapped by now from holding my massive texts books, but it hasn't. Maybe its because its sewn all the way around the bag, like on the bottom and up the sides. It's a trooper, that's for sure! One of the main things that makes it interesting is that it has two sides. The front (well, the side I like to use as the front, is a geometrical pattern) and the other side is, I'm guessing, is 3 men with large sombreros.

The beauty of a snowy night (im my own edgar allen poe)....
Although these pictures were taken last Wednesday and there is not a lot of snow on the ground now, we are supposed to get more later this week. I'm hoping for a snow day from school! There is nothing more beautiful to me then the way the snow falls and outlines the most thinnest of branches. And with living in the woods and all, its a beautiful sight. This is a picture of my front yard. Beyond the trees is a steep cliff where the mountain drops off.
Yeah it sounds as dangerous as it is!
It would not be a good idea to try and hike down that...Another picture of my front yard...

This is the gate leading into my backyard.
The tan box is a flower box and on the left of that is a wreath...

More trees. I love them. Hug. (kidding)
That's my computer there, where all the magic happens...hehe.
I know you all were so interested to see.
The gorgeous black and white framed photo is "Driftwood" by
Ansel Adams, he's one of my favorite photographers.
All of his photographs are in black and white and they are beautiful!
Please check them out if you have a moment!!

So thats a little bit of me! I hope some of you like winter as much as I. My whole family hates winter so I'm kinda on my own there. I really hope I get off from school because of the snow! I'll wear my pajamas inside out. I think that's how that goes. Oh....wait what is this?...Moms getting the chicken out out the freezer?! She always makes chicken soup on snow days. This is good.

*I've got me fingers crossed!*


Anonymous said...

I love winter too! :)

Carlita said...

I love your winter shots and that bag!!

Much Love,

Ambroisine said...

Sweet pictures, I love the trees full of snow :)

Cory K. said...

these photos are amazing. & i love your bag (;

Kate said...

I adore wintertime, too :)

I tagged you to write ten random things about yourself! Then when you're done, tag some of your friends :D

Have fun!
xo, Kate

Eleanor said...

I love winter as well it's definetly the prettiest time of the year. I'm stuck in the middle of a heatwave in the southern hemisphere:(
xx eleanor

Valentine said...

hi dear! thanks very much for the sweet comment on my blog-- i would love to exchange links! Ive never really experienced winter so I wouldnt know If Id like it.. however.. it does give one the opportunity to layer stuff and that's always a good thing (at least for me).. So I might like it. haha.




Emily said...

Pretty bag! The vibrant colors are great :)
Your snow pictures are so pretty. I like when everything is snow-coated. My only complaint about winter is driving in the snow.