Lily Takes a Trip

I took another look at the stunning photograph from the July 2005 issue of Vogue UK posted by me on January 22nd. When I clicked on the picture it said at the top Lily Takes a Trip - Photos by Tim Walker. Knowing the genius that is Tim Walker, I was more than curious to see the rest of these pictures from this Vogue photo shoot.

I researched a little and found out that there was an amazing fashion spread called Lily Takes a Trip in 2005. The spread featured model Lily Cole taking a trip to India in all sorts of gorgeous dresses. The shots turned out so well that one of them even became the cover (below). I wanted everyone to enjoy in their beauty, so I decided to post the rest of Tim Walker's photographs from Lily Takes a Trip.

*click on any to enlarge*
I didn't even see her at first in the picture above.
Click on the picture to really enlarge it and see all the detail.

They are memorizing! I don't even know how you begin to even visualize something like this. Tim creates evocative images full of textured nuance and intriguing detail and his innovative photography is amongst the most imaginative and exuberant being produced today. Each picture is so unique, romantic and dramatic.
Tim Walker, you are insane...in the best way possible.
Comments? I love to hear from other brilliant minds. Much Love!


(Encyclo)lydia said...

Isn't she just the most amazing, beautiful model?! And the genius that went into this shoot is ... I'm speechless! Thanks for collecting and sharing all of these, and thanks for the sweet comment! Yours is lovely as well.
I'll be back for more!

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless... I'll comment later if words ever come back to my mouth.

Min said...

i can only imagine how long it must've taken them to shoot all these images...wow.
(one of my personal favorite vogue spreads was kiera knightley in africa.)

Valentine said...

Tim Walker + Lily = Magic. I think Karen Elson and her always makes Tim's photographs all the more magical. Love love love.


ZombieLace said...

These are incredibly lovely. I love when you post your favorite fashion photography because it really is stunning and inspirational!

In-tree-gue said...

these are stunning

Emily said...

These are wondrous! Thank you for sharing them :)

Anonymous said...

these photos are lovely! :)