Ten Things

I have been tagged by Kate to share with you all ten random things about myself. Not as if I'm random enough already, I'm going to try and keep you all entertained for the next 5 minutes of your life. If you've read my profile (I don't know how you could miss it, it only takes up half my blog on the side) then you know quite a lot of pointless random things about myself. I'll try not to repeat things (I said try) and hopefully I wont put you too sleep. Kidding, I'm not that boring...

1. One of my goals, I guess you can, say is to go to Africa and ride an elephant.
Yes, it has to be in Africa. And no, don't picture me in one of those little basket things on its back, those are for ninnies, I mean like just sitting on an elephant like its a horse (awesome visual, i know). Elephants are my favorite animal, and I have absolutely no idea why. I remember when I was younger I had this huge stuffed elephant that was twice the size of me. Overtime it got so ratty that my mom threw it in a dumpster. It was so sad. But to tell you the truth I didn't really want it anymore now that it was in the trash.

2. I am the worst at remembering names. It doesn't matter if its a name of a person I met, a street name, a company, or a famous person (except, of course, if its a designer or artist), i am the worst. I just can never remember names but I can always remember random things about that person, or can picture what the street looks like. The only way I know how to get to somewhere is almost always from a photographic memory. I hate maps.

3. I'm not cut out for high school. Maybe because I'm too mature, or maybe because I know that art school is only two years away. Holy crap I cant wait to get out of high school. I mean I adore my friends but I can't stand when teachers say that were going to need to know [enter pointless subject here] in college. I mean maybe if your becoming a doctor, engineer or whatever, but when I know that I'm personally not going to be drilled on proper 5 paragraph essay with proper MLA citations (actually people are telling me that I will write papers, which is true, so at least I have a head start!) but other stuff, just gets me p.o.'d. I'll probably have a paintbrush in my hand more times then a pen.

4. I can't get over my pop punk phase. I went through a long phase where I would wear nothing but bright colored hoodies, black converse high tops, skinny jeans, and pop punk band tee's or a punk tank matched with a preppy long sleeve underneath. Now that I've moved into my grunge, vintage style, I have all these bright clothes left over, when all I want to wear is blacks and grays. I still love my chucks though, but I somehow have to manage the clothes I have now to work into my looks since I don't have the money to go out an buy a whole new wardrobe, but I'm getting there a little at a time.

I love Cobra Starship, but this is kinda what I'm talking about.

5. I wish I was musically inclined. I have always loved music and when i was younger I played the violin, but gave it up because my grade school wasn't giving lessons to violinists anymore. But I always regretted it and I wanted to get back into playing and also learn how to play the piano and acoustic guitar. I have a really talented friend who writes her own music; a lot of it played on the piano. Its really inspiring to see that. I tried to convince my parents more than once to buy me an acoustic guitar, but they think I'll just give it up. So I'm saving for one, and I'm getting that electric piano from our upstairs attic and hiding it in my room!

6. I want to be a Graphic Designer. Hopefully during college, while majoring in Graphic Design, I can intern at a major magazine company like Nylon, Seventeen or Teen Vogue with the hopes of becoming an Art Director.

7. I'm a competitive swimmer. I have been swimming for fourteen years now (wow has it been that long?) and I'm pretty good...what. I am :) I went to the Junior Olympics three summers in a row and one summer I became part of a Zone Team where I competed in New York among the top 20 swimmers in the country. The movie "Pride," about a Philadelphia swim team, is based on a true story. I actually swam in a couple of meets with the swimmers that the movie is about and have met the coach. Even though I once aspired to go to the Olympics, I wouldn't call it my passion, but I still love it very much.

8. I hate tomatoes. I really like ketchup and tomato sauce though, so I don't know whats going on. I just hate them and I don't see myself liking them anytime soon. Shh...don't tell my Sicilian family.

9. I'm a technology geek. I'm really smart when it comes to figuring out computers and also random tech things like hooking up a converter box to the T.V. or just figuring out how to fix things when they go whack.

10. I still have metal braces. I've had braces since 6th grade and now that I'm almost out of high school I'm dying to get them off. My teeth are straight, I swear. I can't take it. They make me look 5 years younger and yes that would be great if I were saying that about something else and I were 40, but in this case, no! Who wants to look like they belong in Chuck E. Cheese? OK, its not that bad, but you get the idea.

There you have it, 10 things about myself. You can wake up now. Actually they weren't too random, but it took me a while to think of ten! Why ten? I should of made up my own rule and did 5. There's number 11, I think I'm so sovereign.

Much Love!
p.s: Sorry I haven't been posting/commenting as much lately, school has had me all tied up. But I think it also gives me time to come up with interesting topics to post about so I don't bore not only you, but myself! Mwah.


Kate said...

I love all your random things :D

I wish I was musical, too. I've taken guitar lessons and a little bit of piano, but nothing ever stuck. :/

That's so awesome you're a swimmer - I used to swim all the time. I've never been on a team or anything, but I would swim laps, etc. I think if I had to choose a sport to do, it would be swimming.

xo, Kate

Anonymous said...

you hate tomatoes !!!
thanks for sharing :)

ZombieLace said...

Hah, sorry to be the one to tell you, but even an art major needs to know how to write a proper essay in MLA format. And don't let the braces get you down, I didn't get mine off until sophomore year of COLLEGE and those things are the DEVIL!

ellie said...

That's so cool about the swimming meets. Great list.

N said...

Aw I SUPER love your list. And I can totally relate to your number 3. Me & my friend always say we're 80 year olds in a 17 year old exterior. But yeah, you actually need English for art school which is a bummer since I can't write essays if my life depended on it. :)

x Natalie

dapper kid said...

Yick, I hate raw tomatoes too. And I sooo want to ride an elephant! Oh and I wish I could play the piano and guitar too, I'm always jealous of my brother playing his guitar.

this wheel's on fire said...

I love all of your random things! Elephants rule :)

Anonymous said...

omg id love to go to africa too!
and yes..id LOVE to exchange links with you!
im adding you bcak:)
thankyou for the lovely comment:)

Molly said...

oh i have braces too!
and sometimes i just want to tear them off, seeing as i've had them 4 times now :(
but at least we'll have lovely teeth in the end!
i really enjoyed reading this, lovely facts!

Emily Anne said...

Thank you all for your comments! I'm glad some people think I'm a tad interesting ;D


Jocelyn said...

I love your blog! Care if I follow you? A graphic designer? that's awesome! I wish I could play an instrument. Especially the guitar! I quit piano when I was 15 and I totally regret it!


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

love your blog! & was wondering if you want to exchange links?
mine is http://london--rose.blogspot.com
let me know ♥
PS: cant stand tomatoes either! awful things!!

Molly said...

oh im glad im not the only one either :)
we can be brace-faces together!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

thanks =) glad u like the blog & want to exchange links.
im linking you now...
http://london--rose.blogspot.com ♥

Dana said...

To ride an elephant? That's crazy!!

It's great getting to know you better :)