I woke up at about 11 today after crashing on my bed as soon as I got home from the party. I wish I took pictures of the party, but I stupidly forgot my camera.

The night was...interesting. It was fun though, there was thing inflatable Twister on the lawn out back and there was a band that was really good. And, of course, no party is complete without Rock Band. I rocked the drums.

Peace :)


Lauren said...

i love your nail varnish colour! xo

Hannah said...

I totally love you for this post, Em.
"At some points things got totally out of hand, and, err illegal."
It sounds like you had loads of fun :D:D

My weekend has been aaaaaaamazing! I didn't have the slightest bit of a social life, which may sound strange (but, remember Emily, we're talking about me :P), but I found out that these "reference books" my mom had bought me a couple years back are actually Books Sent From God. They're like...SEX in letter form!!! Oh my lanta!! I just simply can't believe it!! I stayed up until 4am categorizing the works of Aristotle and memorizing the Law of General and Special Relativity. It was pure bliss.
I do believe I'll be blogging this later this week ;D

However, I REALLY can't decide which was better. Today or yesterday.
I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!! Beside taking one final and several test on Tuesday (all of which my Tutor helps me with), I'm THROUGH!

It's been a pretty bomb weekend for both of us gals :)


Matias Bouhet said...

ahah, great post! and of course my friends are incredibly fun as me, and more hahahaha, was a great "party " with 15 friends, but well the music and get drunk is more interesting" as you said with friends hahaha see you :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily Anne! I love your manicure. I got my nails done too friday. i gotta show a picture for you guys. I partied too this weekend and things got "illegal" from jump street (lol) but it was good. Good to hear everything was fun!!

Anonymous said...

aww, hope you feel better soon, darling! I love the manicure--I'm always looking for the perfect baby pink color...looks like you found it :-)

Anonymous said...

That shade of pink juggles the line between sweet and chic on you! Hehe the party sounds really fun and noisy, which is the only way parties should go, anyway :DDD

dapper kid said...

You know you had a good night of partying when you're sore all over the next morning lol. Inflatable Twister sounds rather fun, and the bounce makes it so much more interesting than playing it on the mat lol. Oooh and loving the nails and that ring :) My weekend was ok, I went to my local charity shop to look through books and played with my baby nephew, which was fun!

love and youth said...

even if you feel shit the next day, theres nothing better than a good party.. i was out on saturday and had so much fun, the whole night was just so random... x

Natalie said...

Haha, oh those nights. I have limited of them because I always end up doing stupid and shitty things.

Aw I'm glad you enjoyed reading tag. Actually, it was my sister's friend who got married. Sorry for the confusion! If my sister did, I would make a ginormous big deal out of it. Haha.

My weekend consisted of looking for a grad dress, drooling over DSLRs, working and going to the library to take out some dorky books about DSLRs. hahaha

Yah, your weekend beats me, most def.

Anyways later gurlie! :D
x Natalie

Anonymous said...

awww sound like a fun night

Francie. said...

Oh. I totes just came across your blog just then. You're engaged? If so cool.. nice nails btw.

Ridiculous amount of work to do over the weekend, but it was alright, finished it now. =]

Emily Anne said...

Oh no, im not engaged! I just needed a finger to put that ring on. And it happened to fit on that finger :)