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Hey everyone! My weekend is going great...

Friday I went into town with my friend for a nice day (long day!) of shopping.
Saturday my sister came home after being away for 4 months in Barcelona.
Today I am hanging out with my sister cause I'm so glad shes home and doing my homework :/
Monday I'm hopefully going to my friend Zack's house for a party.

I'll completely fill you in on all my lame, but interesting to me, details as soon as I can.
Enjoy your weekends!! Let me know what you're up to :)

OH AND I HEART MOM JEANS!! I gotta find a pair that looks good. Bye!


this wheel's on fire said...

i <3 mom jeans too haha i've been watching dazed and confused on a loop (i tend to do this) and i've been craving a nice pair....enjoy the rest of your weekend babycakes!

Hannah said...

Only if you don't look like a mom in them :P

Oooh have fun with your sis! My sister lives a city over, yet I hardly ever see her. Cherish it!


e.l. said...

hahhaa..they are comfy too..nice to see high waist in for a change. thanks so much for the note. sounds like a sweet time to have with your sis.

Twobreadsplease said...

I completely agree about the jeans.

Anonymous said...

Oh love, I've missed you <3. I've been catching up on your posts. School's over for me (yay) so now I'll have more time on my hands :).

Btw... this post of yours makes me want to look for a pair of mama jeans. Ebay, perhaps?

xoxo, Jei

Anonymous said...

me too, i've actually raided my mom's closet for a pair. they ended up fitting really well, even though i'm four sizes smaller than she is.

your weekend sounds quite fun, hope it's living up to it's expectations. XD

Valentine said...

I was against mom jeans at first.. only because they dont look nice on me.. hahaha.. I guess it takes a certain kind of person + attitude to pull it off.. hehe..



Anonymous said...

glad your had a good weekend!

Emz said...

I heart that picture! haha. Mom jeans look good on skinny people...

Anonymous said...

that chick with the red poom poom shorts cracks me up cause you can see straight through her legs. lmao.

Lila said...

I love the high waisted summer shorts.. Hate having my butt hanging out but they are cute. I love the tshirt tucked in look too.