I heart...

Some of my favorite pictures from various blogs and fashion web spots that I'm just totally in love with.

I been tied up with school as usual. And I still have not got my mom anything for mothers day yet! I might make her a card. I always love making gifts for people over buying them. And I'm sure most of you can agree with me on that, its just more special and personal.

I also though about donating money to Trees For the Future and have trees planted in my moms name. That would be something cute that's also helping the environment.

p.s. green is the new black!

I'll figure something out, I always do ;)
I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend, happy mothers day tomorrow! xoxoxoxoxoxooxo


Boubou said...

Lovely photo :))

have a nice week end !!

Hannah said...

Ooooh I dig them! I totally admire people that dress so freely and differently.

The tree thing would be cute :D
You're so right, hand-made things are always so much more personal and loving :)
I bet you'll give her the best thing ever!


Matias Bouhet said...

hey! wow, Im in love with too, is just -- I want to be in those pics!-- hjahahaha great selection :)


Shin said...

I love all the pictures you selected! Especially the girl in the hoodie and a pink ruffle skirt! Perfectly pretty beach attire! I've added to my favorites blogs! xxoxoxoxo

this wheel's on fire said...

mmmm love them all :)

ellie said...

I haven't heard this song in ages. Cute & adorable yet intriguing pics.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks so much for the note.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

this is a fun collection of photos. they're all teeming with inspiration and the essence of summer fun :)

i decided to make my mother a card this year too. they're always as much fun to make as they are to give!

Natalie said...

Your favourite pictures are mine too! They remind me of summer since I could not wear that right now still.

I like the plant and name a tree for you mom for Mother's Day! Super adorable. :)

BTW, I tagged you! It's a different one. :)

x Natalie

Imogen said...

Nice blog and beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

all such great pictures!

dapper kid said...

That first photo makes me so happy :) Loving the floral DMs and that paint splattered t-shirt!

Twobreadsplease said...

Love all the pictures. I want to go hula hoop now! x

Anonymous said...

I love the photos, as everyone else does, I wish I could pull off that sort of style. Instead I'll have to stick with incorporating only minor, crazy pieces into my wardrobe.

I think 90% of the time I'm wrapped with either school, coursework, studying, projects, or extra curricular activities. It's tiring.

That sounds spectacular, I'll do that for my brothers graduation present. A card and then a slip of paper that says "I have put a donation in your name to the Trees for the Future Foundation". Everybody would benifit for it! Actually, we're going to plant a couple of seedlings in our front yard next week.

Homemade gifts are definitely the way to go! I made my mom red velvet cupcakes with cheese cake frosting. Then I also made a collage.

Have a good week, and Mothers Day.

Sorry for the long comment. D:
- A

(Encyclo)lydia said...

I love all the foot shots in this! I want to go shoe-shopping now...

Holly Wilcox said...

Love that last picture...must own a sparkly top just like it...!! X

Anonymous said...

love those doc martins!! theyre girlie and tough all the same time.

Anonymous said...

great picks--for myself, I'm drooling over that backless sequins top...YUM :-)

In-tree-gue said...

love the shoes!

kaitlyn said...

love the last photo

frances said...

mmm floral docs! x