The cherry blossom girl is a beautiful blog created by the tres tres chic Alix. The freshness and simplicity of her outfits inspire me so much. I don't think I could picture anyone else pulling off these looks.

I might have an outfit post coming soon. Maybe, err, possibly! Nothing as quite as chic as Alix though. I hope you find her as fashion forward as I do.

If not...your kinda a fool.


Hannah said...

Oh, wow. I love it.
It's all so unique. I kept going back pages and pages and I couldn't find an outfit I didn't like.


Matias Bouhet said...

I love her too!

"f not...your kinda a fool. " ahahha I love you! ahhahahhaha


Anonymous said...

just discovered your wonderful blog! and the pants in the first pic are really adorable!

jessica said...

i need her wedges and her chanel bag .

BB&HH said...

BB&HH , the brand new one !
let's check our new concept guy (:

with love , FannyJolie .

ellie said...

sweet outfits. Such a summery post.

jessica said...

alix is so gorge .
her chloe shoe collection is so enviable .

& thanks for your comment, my birthday is in january too !

mice said...

This picute remind me summer and something really, really beautiful. So.. I love it! :)


Dana said...

Yaaay! Outfit post! Outfit post!

Anonymous said...

I love her outfits as well.
Long time I haven't heard from you, I've been really busy. Hope you're well :)