Lilly and Marion's Possessions

I named this blog Like Lilly Vintage after my great grandmother Lilly. I wanted to post her and my grandmother Marion's possessions they passed down to me. Even though I never met Lilly, my mom tells me we would have been good friends. I still have my amazing grandmother Marion with me, and when I go and visit her we take a trip down to her basement where you can never leave without finding something vintage that someone used in their 20's. I love that fashion can give people, such as my grandmother and I, and also us blogger's, something we can share and bond over. Its a beautiful thing.

This is my favorite bag to use in the fall.
I like how the copper detail on it (above) rusted a little.

I like wearing these worn-out plaid scarves in the winter.
The black shoulder purse is simple but cute with the braided and frayed medallion.

These silk scarves are just fun to wear and give my outfits an element of surprise.

I love this white leather bag! My grandmother said it was never used, which I found really surprising. I would use it at school but I'm afraid it would get dirty and its also a little heavy. I have no idea why! I guess just because of the leather. Here is also a scarf of Lilly's.
(Accessories below...)

Pins: Silver Horses (top right) its hard to see at first but its a line of running horses;
Pink Leaf, and Yellow Sunflower
Earring: Gold Flower (underneath leaf) its actually a clip on earring,
but I don't know where the other one is, so I just clip it in my hair!
Ring: Mood Ring (under horses and below) this was my moms when she was a teen. It was a mood ring at some point but now its just a gold ring with a brown/caramel sort of color stone.
A big gold bangle with gold animals all around it. This is an elephant.

A bright, very bright, quilted bag. I get some use out of this in the summer.

I love this blue dress. It was Marion's and it reminds me of
Little House On the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables.

My Great Grandfather, Peter, owned a hat factory, so this hat was his. I also adore this camera bag where, of course, I put my camera, and carry around with me a lot.

Lilly made this tank top and Marion made the jewelry box.

A close up of the little angel on the jewelry box.

It's amazing how even though I never met my great grandparents Lilly and Peter, I have a sense of the people they were through fashion.

I'm glad I could share this little piece of my life with you guys!
Much Love as Always.


Anonymous said...

Those are precious without any doubt. I looove the camera bag.
My favorite purse is also one I got from my grand-mother :)

ellie said...

Such cool stuff. I especially love the pins. What a very cool hat too.

Thanks for sharing. Have a good Monday.

Molly said...

wow, these are amazing! what great finds, they always mean more when they have history and memories within them :)
molly x

ellie said...

Hopefully, those plaid scarves are helping you stay warm this week. They are so perfect for winter.

dearilou said...

Dude, I totally have that yellow flower pin! Except mine lost it's stem a while ago. Trying to figure out how to sauder it back on..