deviantART favorites

deviantART is one of my favorite websites. Probably because I am an artist before anything else. Its where artists in any category such as drawing, painting, animation, and my favorite, photography, come together and showcase their work...most of it undeniably fantastic. I decided to post some (well quite a few) of my favorite fashion photography taken by, as you'll see, people that have a true talent for what they do.

covenant by ~robinpika

fdasgh by ~xxmr

only sadness by ~GoWithTheFlowEnzo

v by~Emjot

Teenage Love Affair by ~andre-supersampler

Cross the stress by ~trizzie2006

Sun-beam by ~trizzie2006

Colours by ~ryanscent

Son of a bitch shot me by ~magaz

Back to the 60's by ~Superficial-Dreamer

Hope your inspired! Much Love.


Molly said...

the picture you took is really good! thanks for posting these, they certainly inspired me!

i will have a play around for your grey/brown contest thing, and i'll post a picture if i find something im happy with :)

molly xx


the first image is stunning, the dress is so beautiful

Anonymous said...

I have to agree: the two first pictures are my favorites!
Thanks for sharing :)

Cory K said...

Those photo's are amazing. & I love your blog.

forever & always . cory

Anonymous said...

you were right about brown & grey:


The Clothes Horse said...

Some of these are quite good.

Anonymous said...

wow ur an artist?! fab! ilove this kinda art. thanks for telling what its actually called.

Molly said...

thankyou for the comment!
would you like to exchange links?
molly xx