Continue what I started 2 years ago.

This last one is from today! I drew and apple in oil pastels yey!

All unedited photos (yikes!) from my life over the past few months. 
You see, Im starting a new chapter of my life starting today and one of the promises I made to myself is to go back to Like Lilly Vintage and continue what I started 2 years ago. So yes I am coming back to blog and just wanted to catch you all up on tid bits of my life...through photobooth....how personal haha

Anyway much love and till next time,


Bonnie said...

Photo booth rules my life.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Heather said...

yay welcome back!!

Anonymous said...

welcome back girl

Jocelyn said...

welcome back! I love your bold hair cut. Looks like you've had a good year away from everything! I hope that you have an even better year in your new found skin. Don't you love changes within? I am going through one myself.

Love your art, and you're adorable.


donna said...

Welcome back, Emily! I just revived my blog as of last week as well. Good luck to us! Xx!

Donna <3

Kara McKenzie said...

Welcome back! You just inspired me to go all the way to the drug store to get marshmallows for some hot chocolate. Totally worth it. :)

Kara of Fancy That Vintage