Happy Second Birthday to LLV!

So I've had this blog for two years now! 
I cannot even fathom that.....
Yes I can.

 Anyways, its really become my baby in a way. I was so young when I created my first post and looking back on who I was then reminds me of who I am today.

So for tonights post I want to vow that I will continue blogging. 
Somehow and some way.

I started art school after high school and ever since then I've been non-stop creating art and I haven't even had time to breathe. BUT I really love this blog.....AND I have almost 100 followers...thank you so much by the way! I won't let you guys down.

P.S. Here are pictures of my sculpture work. I do a wide range of art in all media and more pictures are coming soon! Hope you like!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Like Lilly Vintage!!

Olivia said...

happy blog birthday :) love the first photo :) x