Spring is Somewhere Part Uno

So, errm, as I'm making this post, snow is flying down from the night sky and trapping me in this house. BUT, I know that underneath all that white powder a flower is waiting impatiently! Spring is coming people! I dont care if that stupid groundhog we listen to here says there is 6 more weeks of winter.

I'm preparing for a wardrobe shift, starting with some inspiration I stumbled upon on Urban Outfitters blog.

I'm thinking pops of color?, but also I want to collect more nudes, whites, and light and airy fabrics...hence this is only part one of more spring inspiration posts to come (cause that's how I work) And because I haven't been like crazy inspired recently. Hope that changes. Maybe this snow shit will help. I'll let you know. Toodles!


Hannah said...

I absolutely love spring clothing. I love how light and clean it is, and how almost anything goes as far as color and style. I want some darn sundresses. Bring it!


Anonymous said...

i love that pattern dress on the top. Its very urban.