Rachel on the Red Carpet

Rachel Zoe in Louis Vuitton shoes


Jocelyn said...

ouch. those look like death. I could never walk in those. They remind me of batman. haha

ps. I am in LOVE with your banner.

Hannah said...

Hahahaha Jocelyn...Batman?
I suppose I can see the resemblance :P

They do look painful. Very painful.
However, nobody said it was easy to look good, eh?

I hope you're doing well, love! :D


e.l. said...

Oh, my..what have you done in those shoes. I could sit around with them on. No problem.

love and youth said...

omg ive never seen shoes like that! if i put them on id be almost 2 meters tall :D

Anonymous said...

gosh they look like they hurt!
i wouldnt like that little point digging into my foot.
But i do enjoy the platform which would make it easy for me to walk in.
And you know Rachel Zoe is fabuloso!