Trend: The Maxi Dress


In stark contrast to last year's mini dress, this season's maxi is likely to prove to be womens new best friend. However, be careful that the maxi dress doesn't wear you! For the fashion-savvy woman, the secret is in the cut. Tall, willowy goddesses like Kate Moss and Paris Hilton can get away with any style, but mere mortals under 5’4" need to give their dress styles more thought.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress

Mini Women: Try these few tips to avoid being drowned by your Maxi and actually making you look shorter and larger:
  • Choose a style that is well cut
  • Avoid tent-like skirts
  • Make sure your dress is in proportion with your petite frame
  • Keep things fitted up top
  • Pair with chunky heels and a fitted waistcoat
  • Smaller pattered or floral prints are more flattering
  • Find a close fitting empire line. To hide tummies, find a dress that drapes material in front
  • A sleeker, stylish A-line or bias cut, is more complimentary for shorter women
  • For extra height accessorize with patent platforms, wedges or feminine toe-covered sling backs, long, chunky jewelery and this season's oversized shades and bags
UK online retailer Asos.com currently offers a wide range of different maxi dresses in various, and celebrity inspired styles.
Larger Women: Try these few tips to flatter your curves and avoid widening hips:
  • Big-busted women might find a halter-style or bandeau top preferable to thin spaghetti straps, as they support, are more flattering to the bust
  • Avoid elasticated tops
  • Look for V-necks which draws attention away from the bust and flatters a full figure
  • A draped maxi is particularly good for concealing a larger tummy
  • Loud prints and bold colors are kinder to larger frames. Avoid smaller patterned floral or paisley type prints
  • Accessorize the same way


Hannah said...

I'm a fan, as well :D!
However, you're right, unless you're a "goddess" it can be so hard to find one perfect for you!
Blah :/


Joann said...

I'm 5 feet and also a fan of maxi dresses. /Chuckles, I also only pair them with flats/sandals. What's funny is that it didn't made me short and fat. In fact, I looked taller. I don't know why though /shrugs. Purchase one! It's so comfortable and perfect for summer. But of course, a flattering one (I know I know, I'm stating the obvious). :P

Shin said...

Really great post! I'm debating whether I should buy a maxi dress or not. I don't really like long dresses but then they're so comfortable! So I'm going to find someting that is comfortable and fit me well! Wish me luck! xxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I've always only seen model-like statures pull off the maxi dress really well, but this is a really nice How-To to widen the scope!

I'm a fan of maxi dresses but only from afar... there is the fear about getting trapped in escalators that inhibits my desire to actually own one XDDD

Dana said...

Great post! I love the maxidress, but you need to be careful with the lenght in order to look good.



e.l. said...

so informative. i liked this one.

Demi said...

I loveeee maxi dresses, but I think its really hard to find the perfect one, especially because i'm so small!!

this wheel's on fire said...

I'm a big fan of this look (on most people) :D

Demi said...

thank you for your question honey, it has now been answered!
enjoy your weekend :-)

Twobreadsplease said...

Ahhh, I'm still on the search for my perfect black maxi dress, it's haaaard because I'm a shorty. x

Anonymous said...

i want a maxi dress

love your blog, you used to read my old blog ohdearleah.blogspot.com but ive now moved to the tracyjacks link above, so hope you come and have a visit :)
do you wanna trade links?

frances said...

i want ooone, i'm craving a coral coloured one x

In-tree-gue said...

great tips!

jenifer said...

Great advice for wearing and choosing right maxi dresses!! Love to see the huge collection of those maxi dresses...

Hannah said...

I tagged you :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love all the Maxi dresses you picked, very exciting :p

Great blog too! Glad I found it!

You should enter my scarf contest on my blog!


Virginia Janet said...

Excellent post.!! Maxi dresses are my all time favorites. I will always remember these tips.

Leigh said...

I am in love with it this season!! so comfy too.