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The wonderful Hannah of Sixteen Going on Seventy... tagged me, well quite a bit ago, for the personal and cool Show Me Your Blog Spot.

The rules:
1. Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog.
2. Feel free to tell us a little about your space, or explain certain items in more detail. Or not.
3. Link back Daddy Likey's original post.
4. Tag five other bloggers to show their blog spots.
5. If you are tagged and do not participate, you will become allergic to cabbage.

My computer, of course. This is where I will do most of my blogging. My favorite parts of this room are the huge window and the black and white Ansel Adams photograph
above the computer.

Living Room. If I have my laptop, this is also where I will blog.
Very Country.

My mom bought hand painted candles at a Renaissance Fair. They really original and cool.

Some of my collection of books I have on my shelf. Most of them are Laurie Halse Anderson and Jerry Spinelli, both authors write the most intriguing books. The small white one is Manhunt by Janet Evanovich, which is a quirky love story that I adore.

Classics. We have our Gone With the Wind which is timeless, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

Where I store my ever so colorful clothes and endless amounts of patterns. Also my shoes, which are at the bottom. As you can see, I really don't need that many pairs.

My desk where I throw my Nylon, Teen Vogue, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and more magazines and catalogs, my paints, and brochures from some of the best art schools in the U.S.

Also where I keep my laptop, and enjoy watching the sun peer through the window shades. A great place to let my mind wander.

My whole family is very environmentally conscious. My mom is also an environmental teacher.

My family also loves to cook. We try to stay true to our Sicilian heritage. My mom is the most amazing cook I will probably ever know.

Lastly, I don't know what I would do without my spiced teas. They instantly make me feel 100% more heather and happier. Nothing is better than a warm blanket and a really good hot cup of tea. I prefer Bengal Spice, or India Spice for when I need a boost of caffeine.

I tag: Whoever is in need of a post idea. And I don't want any of you to become allergic to cabbage.

Much Love to all of you. Sorry I was away for a bit, but I'm pretty sure I can resume with my regular routine of 2-a-day posting.

p.s. comments will be coming back shortly, and thank you to all who did comment


Anonymous said...

what an adorable tag! That pasta looks DELICIOUS :-)

Hannah said...

Ah! Yay! Your house looks so warm and comforting. It's so cute :D

I, too, am obsessed with tea :) Spiced, herbal, green, black...it all just helps you relax and totally makes you feel healthy :D


Dana said...

Hello dear! I've been having some problems with Chic Banana, so I decided to open a new blog http://www.decolove.tk
I was wondering if you want to exchange links again, just change Chic Banana for Deco Love. I’ll add you to my new blogroll 

Jessica said...

That food looks sooooo yummy !

Anonymous said...

Your places looks soo homeyyyy! =D

Btw, those noodles look delishhh! I'm not a fan of mushrooms for some odd reason, but your pics make it look lovely.

Ohyeaa, are you planning on going to an artschool for college? Do you have an idea of where you want to go yet?

xoxo, Jei

Anonymous said...

I am hungry from looking at your pictures! I like the heart stencils on your wall by the desktop, it's so sweet!

N. said...

Really nice pics! :)

Valentine said...

Food.. those photos made me really hungry.. and tea~ I havent had those kinds of tea but they sure do sound yum.



donna said...

Did you read Star Girl? I always enjoy reading Jerry Spinelli novels to clear my head after reading too much heavy stuff. Seeing Star Girl on your shelf got me excited hahaha.

.::: iR Josephine :::. said...
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