I went thrifting again on Friday with my friend Cari.
The coolest person ever.
I love earrings and all of these (except for the crazy gold beaded pair)
were all $1.00...so needless to say, we went crazy.
I also bought this pinkey ring. Its a witch with a little black cat.
I went to the art exhibition today. It was interesting to see so many different pieces from every field of art. What I wore...
(jacket Billabong, cardigan Old Navy,belt unknown, scarf,
unknown, purple jeans Forever21, boots Payless Shoe Source)

I decided to take a silly picture.

I think we will end things on that note!
That raps up two days in the life of a different girl with a different mind.



Hannah said...

The earrings are all amazing, Emily! Definitely the giraffe (I think that's what they are, at least :P) pair! So cute! And, I absolutely LOVE how you hang them on your curtain! I've never even thought of doing that.

Your drawing is absolutely wonderful! I bet you would make Durer proud :D

Hahaha the picture's are so cute :D


Anonymous said...

Omg I can so understand why you went crazy over those earrings, I would too! Especially love the barrette and purple leaf ones, they're the awesome-est among the awesome!

And your reproduction looks great! The highlights make quite an impact.

Anonymous said...

those purple jeans are hot! I love them especially with the scarf :-)

Anonymous said...

Those earrings are so much fun! Lucky girl!

Matias Bouhet said...

wow, all this colors! I love it! thaks for your comment :)

Amanda said...

Those earing are so unusual ~ i love them!

Anonymous said...

Your witch ring is sooo cute! I'm glad to hear you had fun thrifting. Btw, I use to hang my earrings on a cloth board or on my curtains, too. Nowadays, I just use a cork board.

CocoCherie said...

Cool earrings! And what a great deal.

Molly said...

i love the last pair of earings- what a find!
your drawing is amazing, you are so talented!

Louisee x said...

those earrings are so cute! i love the ring too :).

and your drawing really is amazing, you're really talented :).

xoxo http://becausewearingblacklooksmysterious.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

all those were $1??? wheeeeree

this wheel's on fire said...

great post! this is going to sound strange, but you have amazing lips! xo

donna said...

Wow. Those earrings are just hella crazy cool! And the ring is also cute. Aaagh I'm pretty envious right now. LOL.

Me loving your scarf.


this wheel's on fire said...

i'm glad you're getting used to your lips, because i'm sure people are jealous of them everyday! ;)
p.s. you should listen to that song--it's really pretty

Joann said...

Love all the earrings. Even the crazy gold and beaded one! Amazing drawing you did there. And I agree that that's a cool fountain.

Kate said...

I love that last pair of earrings! The little bows on top are just too cute :) Mega score!

And your outfit seems perfect for the occasaion. Very chic :)

xo, Kate