I Go Ahead and Smile

I was recently tagged by Emily from Resplendent Tranquility to complete the 6 Things that Make Me Smile tag. Thank you, Emily! From one Emily to another, here are my 6.

6 Things That Make Emily Anne Smile:

1. Dancing around barefoot on an empty the beach at night when the sun is setting and the winds are whipping and all you need to wear is a big comfy sweater.

2. Watching people living out their dreams. Its an instant motivation booster.

3. Seeing my poppy's (my grandfather) face when I show him pieces of my art.
He's undoubtedly my biggest fan.

4. Buying my first piece of clothing for that season. I try it on in my room over and over again to get creative and inspired and to update my wardrobe as the weather changes.

5. Being told that your loved by someone. Just by screaming "love you!" down the hallway to friends is a short but sweet way to brighten the mood of the day
and anticipate seeing them after class.

6. Seeing other people smile. Other people's happiness and laughter makes me a happier person.

This post made me happier and I want to spread the love therefore I'm tagging these lovelies..

Lydia from (Encyclo)lydia
Roxy Starr from Punkv0uges Vault
Demi from Fashionably Early

So sorry for being MIA lately, but I'm glad to be back into the bologosphere!!! Comments will be coming back shortly. Oh and I hope you like the new layout! I get easily bored with them and its a fun way to spend some time so expect it to change like every month. (And yes, I do have pearls on my head in my profile picture!)

Side Note: I know in number 3 of this post I mentioned my grandfather. He's an amazing, amazing person, but he was diagnosed will a dreadful disease called ALS, or "Lou Gehrig's Disease." I don't know what you're religious beliefs are but if you would just keep him and also my grandmother who is greatly affected by this in your thoughts or prayers I would be most grateful.

Another Side Note: Go to Perforated Dream Cloud a blog made by my very close friend. Even though she just started this blog, I am already intrigued by her posts. Kizzy is amazing and we can all learn something from her.



Hannah said...

Great answers :D The first one sounds fabulous. I'll definitely have to do that next time I'm on a beach :D

I'll totally keep your grandparents in my prayers, Emily!!


ellie said...

Love the new header. Great post.

I'll keep your grandparents in my thoughts and prayers.

Demi said...

thank you very much, honey :)
and thanks for the tag too sweetie, i'll try to do it as soon as possible!
lovely answers!

and I'll keep your grandparents in my thoughts and prayers


Emily said...

You're welcome :)
Your answers are so sweet. I love how there are so many things in the world that induce smiles! I will definitely keep your grandparents in my prayers and how special to have your grandfather as your biggest fan! The relationship that exists between grandparents & grandchildren is so special :)

Later that day said...

cute blog:)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Your comment was veryyy sweet, thank you!! ♥

AND- I'm love with those adorable ballons =]


love and youth said...

small things make me happy too... and i hope your grandfather and the whole family all the best


Danz said...

Lovely answers! Sorry to hear about your grandfather :( I'll definitely pray for him.

erinjay said...

Those things have just stirred memories in my mind and now i'm really happy- thankyou!
But of course i'll pray for your grandfather.

this wheel's on fire said...

thanks for your sweet comment! i love this post very much :D
p.s. i'll keep your family in my thoughts xoxo

Anonymous said...

ah i love dancing on the beach!

Anonymous said...

Your answers made me smile.. especially the picture of the balloons! =D

Btw.. I hope your grandfather gets better. I'll def. keep him in my prayers *hugs*

tis serendipity said...

Oh gosh that's a really tough disease for the entire family to deal with... am not particularly religious or anything but will definitely pray for your granddad... hope you're ok? i can imagine how saddening it must be. at least he'll still be able to enjoy your artwork for now!

dancing along the beach barefoot is such a wonderful thought. =) As is shouting out 'love ya' to friends. there can never be too much love in this world.

Thanks for your sweet comment too X)

Anonymous said...

oh so adorable:)
i loev those things too, i smiled reading them!

The Vagabond and the Faerie said...

I think your blog is beautiful.

Kay said...

You answers are all so beautiful, number one sounds perfect.

Keeping your grandparents in my thoughts lovely

Enep said...

lovely answer. esp. number 6 it's sooo me. lol.

xo :D

dapper kid said...

What wonderful answers :) I wish I could go to the beach, I haven't been in sooo long! And seeing other people smile always makes me happy. Your grandparents will be in my prayers dear :)

Anonymous said...

oooh I love the new layout and header! Yay, you're back :-)

Kizzy said...

AW, emily!
you are easily my favorite person... ever. :D


The Clothes Horse said...

Those are marvelous reasons to smile.