happy 30th!..

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson and Chantal Bacon

“I went into business the year that the working
woman’s wardrobe and shoulder pads were really in
and really powerful, but my inspiration was Danskin
leotards. Then came Jane Fonda running down the
street. It was like, ‘Wooo! Hallelujah!’”
— Betsey Johnson
At the Jan. 27, 1988, show.

Carissa Santos

Julia Allison

When asked which of these Betsy considers most important -- sex, laughter, music or fashion -- she answered, "All of them!
It's a miracle. I have all of them!
But not marriage.
I won't do that again. Lovers? Yes!"

Congrats to 30 years of hot pink fabulousness!


DejaBlonde Vintage said...

They are true Fashionistas! thanks for the post great pics :)

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This is absolutely wonderful! Great post :D

Btw, LOVING the new look/title :)

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I love your new blogstyle :) Great post !!


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Love your new layout!

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Yes, yes, yes! She is SO fabulous :)

Molly said...

i actually love her :)

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she's so kooky and fabulous. Love it!

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Love her... such statement pieces