Drowsy and Dramatic. The best i could come up with. Give me a break this time.

I feel like crap, again. I keep having these on and off colds where I need to have a tissue within two feet or I'm screwed (sorry, but its true) and a pencil case full of pills that I can pop in my mouth during class. The day I dropped that thing I turned around and there were white pills scattered around the hallway, (oops). Anyway I'm babbling and if you're reading this (sorry, again) you are probably anticipating me to go crazy over this picture below. Which, don't get me wrong, I would do any other day. I would have exclamation points coming out the wazoo, but I don't want to lie bubbliness (not a word) unless I'm jumping out of my chair, which I would, any other day. And now I'm babbling again, I'm sorry. My head is spinning and I swear I'm going crazy because I keep hearing a cat meowing. I don't even have a cat. Well I did. It ran away Christmas Eve night though. It was a devil. His name was Tiger. TMI. Anyway!...the photograph. I bet alot of you have seen it before. Scince its from the July 2005 issue of Vogue UK. I don't care, I love it anyway. So now I'm going to shut up and crawl into my bed with my Nylon I got in the mail today : )

*click to enlarge

Much Love.


Hannah said...

I LOVE the picture. That dress is gorgeous :D

Aweh, I'm sorry you're not feeling well :( Hope you feel better, and soon!!


Carlita said...

Wow...this photo is seriously gorgeous!! I could drool over it...yes, that does not sound very lady-like but it truly is a beautiful photo.

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well :(. Please, get well soon! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Much Love,

Kate said...

Ooh, that picture is fantastic. The flowing dress, the spiral staircase.. Beautiful :D I haven't seen it before.

I hope you get some much needed rest and feel well in the morning! Take care of yourself :)

xo, Kate

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture.
Take care!

dapper kid said...

Hope you feel better soon! Tim Walker's photography never ceases to amaze me.

Emily Anne said...

Everyone - Thanks so much for your love!! Mwah! I am feeling a little better. All i gotta say is TGIF! I'm happy to read that all of you love the picture as well and that quite a few of you have never seen it before. Makes me feel a little special i guess :)

Athena. said...

Aww I hope you feel better soon!
The picture is amazingly beautiful :)

love and youth said...

hope you get well soon! and remember to add me to your links ;) xx

Chester said...

That picture is amazing!

Cory K said...

i hope you get better! (:

but that photo is beautifully impeccable.