4th and 4th

I got tagged today by emmawhoisee to get the 4th photo from my 4th folder. This is a picture of RBD, a former pop group in Mexico. They were my sisters favorite group! Me and her would run around the house singing in spanish! The group got seperated this summer unfortunaley. The girls in the group: Dulce Maria (red hair; i wish i had her hair!) Anahí, pronounced an..i..ee, (blonde in the front) and Maite (brown hair on the right) always knew how to dress provocatively. And Christian (the boy in the middle with blonde hair) always would dye his hair extreme colors like bright blue, pink and orange! Good Times : )

I'm Tagging:
Lizbeth from Honeydipped
Molly from Fashion Flush
Katie from Zombie Lace

If you've done this already go for the 5th and 5th!
Feel free to comment on the Obama's post also! That's the one below.
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Emily said...

Fun picture :) I've never heard of RBD, did they sing solely in Spanish or were they a bilingual group?

Also, thank you for the tag! I'm going to have to pass though because I just did this a week or so ago :) I'll consider doing the 5th and 5th, but I just checked and my picture is kind of silly... lol. :)

dapper kid said...

Woah haha what a wonderfully colourful bunch!

love and youth said...

nice blog! i really liked the post about rilo kiley, im such a fan, its almost hard to pic a favorite from their album but my choices are silver lining and under the blacklight :)